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Painting Excuses Winter Wonder Theme Entry Thread

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I wouldn't normally submit something I've already finished, but it has been only about 2 weeks since I completed this character for my wife.





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Alright, so I've finished my theme entry and here she is! I used the mini http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/lily%20dancing%20girl/sku-down/65022'>Lily, Dancing Girl (65022). She was an absolute treat! Her dress had tons of wonderful waviness to it and some great depth that you could really dig in with a tiny brush.


Anyway, for her dress, I painted it like a red satin with a slight iridescent quality, so it travels up from deep, dark red all the way to an orangey-yellow.


Lily enjoys dancing, but there is more to it. She doesn't just want to move on the sure surfaces of wood, stone and earth. She longs for the winter season when her true passion can be expressed. Ice dancing. Lily spends as much time as she can be permitted on the ice, moving this way and that, spinning, jumping, and twirling. Her elegant movements are truly a wonder to behold.



Her quirky smile appears truly remarkable during her ice dancing. Glorious, flowing dress, dancing along with her, she can't help but feel pride at her abilities.




Here we see something she's been practicing since she began. A little bit of beauty within the beauty. She gently carves the shape of an angel into the ice with the blades of her skates! Abstracted it as it is, you can see the win, body and head. It's quite a feat to behold, Lily's ice dancing artworks!



And there we have it! I think I had a bit too much fun here, but I got to use my realistic water+baking soda to make snow and I learned how to paint an icy surface (which I think went well). I hope you like it ::D:

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So, first contest entry, first diorama. Gotta start somewhere, eh?




Every few millenia, the stars align just so and the Plane of Winter intersects the Prime Material plane for a bit. Tessa, bringing her kids home from a long day in the fields, is filled with awe and wonder as she stumbles upon this amazingly rare event. As the two planes meld for a brief time, she is treated to a glimpse of this alternate world, as are a marid and her summoned compainion. The two parties stare in wonder, attempting to understand this odd event...





Shazathered, Marid

Crystal Golem

Townsfolk V


Base was bought at Hobby Lobby, stained at home. Materials, except for the tree trunk, are all from Scenerama kits, which I beleive are put out by Woodland Scenics. At least they all recommend refills of materials via Woodland Scenics...Tree trunk is Milliput around a W&NS7 tube, painted up with Shield Brown and a few washes of Army Painter Strong Tone.





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"Ho! Ho! Ho!" by Girot



Full View - Alt Angle 1

Full View - Alt Angel 2

Full View - Alt Angle 3



01525 Santa Dwarf (front & back)

P02655B: Dancing Girl - Burgundy Dress (front) (back)

P02655C: Take it off - Green Dress (front) (back)

P02584B: Townsfolk: strumpet - Red Dress (front) (back)


ROUND LIP: 120MM "COBBLESTONE" BASE by Secret Weapon Miniatures


Lamp Post is Micro Art Studios. I couldn't find it on there site so no link. I did convert it to use a chain though.

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Girot! Incredible work! Great paint on the minis, convincing snow, wonderful flame effect on the lantern. Top shelf work man!

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Nice work everyone!! Adrift, you mini looks great. Awesome job on the bear. I love the clinging snow and wet fur look. Recruittons, nice job on the dress and love the detail on the ice. (nice touch) Kylons, Wow! Great concept and nicely executed. Girot, how comical is that?!? Great job all the way around. Good minies and great setting. ::D: I've got some work cut out for me.

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And a second entry for this category makes 2 for each!


The mini is http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Bones/sku-down/77020'>77020: Bathalian and the arch/platform were sculpted by me using air-dry clay and a pair of nail clippers to created the spaces between blocks! Icicles are made from the tines of clear plastic forks and the snow is realistic water mixed with baking soda.


Penetrating the fortress of the ice giants was difficult, but with his advanced psionics, no more-so than destroying his master. His powers began to swell at the apex of the great mount. The temple was awash with arcane energies, pure ice magic ready to harness.


Standing in the center of the circle, the runes would alight, one at a time. Each one describing and enhancing his power. Staff in hand, his began to channel this power. To call the winter. A winter to destroy the surface dwellers. Ice, and snow, and death! He feared his own freezing demise at first, but felt nothing but the powerful chill of magic in his veins. This place would project him. Change him. He would become more...



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And a second entry for this category IS BAD@SSSS!!



The sculpted arch is incredible and those icicles are such an amazing touch!

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