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The Badginator is Live

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From the "I'm glad I have a good backup" department, I finally have the Kickstarter Badginator online.




Feel free to hop on over and give yourself the Kickstarter Supporter badge.


It looks like this and will appear under your new member group, "Bones Supporter".



Just enter your user name and it ought to work. Trickier to undo the change, but not impossible. If you're in a member group other than "member" you should still maintain all of your forum privileges as before, but your member group will be "Bones Supporter" not GM or Black Lightning, or whatever it may be.


If for some reason you want to switch it back, I'll have to manually do it, so send me a PM.


Last point: it's an honor system thing. There's no hat check requirement or anything. If you want the badge, it's yours for the taking.



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