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CAV 2 games at Reapercon

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So far I will be running games of CAV 2 at Reapercon this year. I so far am planning on running the games on Thursday and Sunday right now. If you want to learn how to play CAV or just want to rock a game then stop on by. If you are up for a regular game of CAV 2 then let me know so I can whip up a couple of lists. I encourage people to bring their own minis if they want a regular full game. The games I intend to run will be in a demo game format but will not be those tiny con style games. Come by and play one of the most fun mecha games out there.







This thread is for CAV 2 at Reapercon and as such no posts related to CAV:SO will be tolerated!

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I must say my games went very well with a lot of people commenting on how much they liked it. Things were very positive towards CAV 2 with most people liking that fact that it played much faster. I took some pictures that I plan to upload soon. Still recovering though...

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You know, I've had a sheet of Rach decals for something five years now and I still haven't gotten around to applying them. Probably because I know I'd have to buy about three or four more of them.

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I ended up picking up three sheets of Terrans last year but have yet to get around to attaching them. I would love to see your Rach with decals.

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    • By odinsgrandson
      Here is our current adventuring party for Iron Kingdoms.  We started a new campaign shortly after Reapercon, so I was able to make use of several of the convention minis.
      This party is quite an odd mix of races.  Lately, I've been quite fond of having a semi-cohesive color pallet for our adventuring parties.  The last one I did was all in cold blues, so with this one I went for a very warm pallet.
      Lil is an investigator who 'secretly' is a Thamar Advocate.  She's just the stock mini of the vampire hunter from Reapercon (by Bob Ridolfi)

      This Pygmie Troll is very fond of hitting things and also alcohol.  He was made by resculpting the head and hands from the Jason Weibe's Dwarf Brewmaster (07015)

      Our resident Bone Grinder was made from Bobby Jackson's River Widow (03913).  I only made superficial changes to her (adding a few extra bone-grindy items to her belt).
      For our Trollkin Axe Flinger, it turns out that we already had the perfect mini.  This is the version from the Undercity Board Game.

      This Outcast Skorne Bushwacker/Warlock was made by simply head swapping a Malifaux rifleman.

      This Lazy Cyclopes (under the command of the Warlock) was a sculpt that I made quite a few years ago.  I showed it off to several sculptors at Gencon, and they all gave me some pointers on things that I could improve on.  Still, I was fond enough of him that I decided to paint him up.

    • By Kev!
      International Mini Painting Month - Day 7

    • By Magma
      Last night I took a painting lesson from a friend who happens to have won many awards for mini painting and this year won Grand Master in Lock and Load 2018. So for the model of choice we choose to paint the Reapercon Sophie. We both painted one and this is what I ended up with.
      First model I have painted fully in maybe 10 years.
      Gothic Sophie.

    • By Adrift
      I thought this year would be my last ReaperCon. Somewhere along the line, I forgot the joy of speed painting and just painting miniatures for tabletop quality that I can use for gaming, etc. Somewhere along the line miniature painting became something that had to 'wow' or be appropriate for competition.
      I rediscovered my love of miniature painting at the Speed Painting, Sophie Says, and Paint by Die Roll tables at ReaperCon 2018; having 45-60 minutes to paint a miniature was such an exhilarating challenge and I present to you my fun!!!
      Barnabus the pirate was a Paint by Die Roll.
      Esme was a Speed Paint.
      Judas was a Sophie Says. 
      Michelle was a Speed Paint.
      Ogre was a Paint by Die Roll.
      Sekhmet was a Paint by Die Roll.
      Trista was a Sophie Says.

    • By dks
      Reaper released a new miniature for each of the 4 factions at ReaperCon this year. 
      This was the release that represented the River Widows: a woman and a big axolotl, both sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
      (I figured that "Cailleach" was Gaelic but I didn't know how to say it.  A web-search says it is like "Kal-ee-akh".  The diphthong "ai" is the sound in our word "pal", not "pile".)
      I put both figures on one 30mm round base, with a tree stump that I sculpted for her to stand on.
      I did an image-search for axolotl colors.  There are black, brown, green, yellow, pale pink/white ... but apparently the lighter colors are rare in wild specimens and more common for pets.  I chose light olive-green (with dark mottling) with reddish gills, similar colors to what Cailleach is wearing.  (But see below for how it would look as a lighter color.)
      I can imagine people getting this axolotl figure to use on its own, for dioramas, etc.
      I changed her hair a bit to match Talin's concept art more closely (shown here in a photo from the ReaperCon program).

      The stock miniature has wavy hair covering both ears.  I cut away the mass of hair on the right and sculpted a new ear and curls.  I also added some sharper curls on the left side.

      If I hadn't done that conversion, the figure would have looked more like this:

      A quick experiment to make the axolotl lighter-colored:

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