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Hrassa examined the ground, looking for tracks. Hunting had been bad this season, and the children were hungry. Something had been driving the animals from the swamp, and she was unsure yet what it was.


She motioned to her two mates to start moving again. They had to bring something back.


Shaksi snorted as he scratched the ground with the butt of his spear. "The wind changes. I smell...


"Humans," finished Kathitch. "And... dwarf, I think." He gripped his bow nervously. He was lightly built for one of the scaled folk. Hrassa had bought him from a human caravan, and he still grew nervous when softskins approached.


"Gnome," corrected Shaksi. "Too sweet for dwarf."


Hrassa hissed softly. Humans came into the swamp for a variety of reasons. They probably were friendly. Most who came were trappers, or traders. But some came with darker purposes. Some came to kill or enslave the people. And something was driving the animals away...


She came to a decision. "We go to them. Perhaps they will be friendly. Perhaps we can trade furs or skins for food."


Kathitch and Shaksi nodded in acquiescence. They knew better than to argue with their mate.


They were probably traders, Hrassa reassured herself. They probably meant no harm.


She hefted her heavy bone club over her shoulder. And if they did, well, the children were hungry.




My latest project, complete. You can find the WIP thread here.







I did an experiment, using ridges of dirt flocking to hold in water effects. It actually worked out reasonably well, though next time I'll know to build up the rest of the base more.


I also decided this one was female, on the basis that she's noticeably larger than the other two.




I'm rather happy with how the shield came out here. It looked a bit like a horseshoe crab to me, so I wanted to make it look nice and chitinous, as though she tore it from the back of some great swamp arthropod.




My first freehand. It was supposed to be an anchor-shaped tattoo to start with, but I messed that up, and decided to just go with an abstract design.




I cheated on the pupils for these guys. I bought a micron pen, and it worked out rather well. I probably would have gone with a solid color for the eyes, otherwise.




This was the only one to have any sort of decoration on his integral base. The others are pure broccoli, but he's got a little plant on his. Gave it a nice pale green color to contrast with his scales. The color is actually a mystery paint Reaper sent me. I actually have two bottles of the stuff, from two orders from around the same time. I'll be sad when it runs out. It's a very nice color.




And here we have his turtleshell shield. I actually looked up pictures of real turtles and cobbled together characteristics of several species for the color selection and pattern.




And here's the whole happy family, together. Touching, really.

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These have a very colourful, "classic" look to them that I really like. The shading around the chest and belly scales is very well done, and I can see you've put a lot of work in to the turtleshell shields, which look great. I'm also envious of your confidence. I have been too chicken$#!? to even ATTEMPT freehand detailing, and your quiver strap came out quite nicely. If I have one bit of advice to offer, it's to avoid using a single colour for too many different things without lightening or darkening it. That dark red is lovely, but I have difficulty believing that a group like this would each have it on part of their gear. The ties on the spear, the loincloth and armbands, and the arrow fletching and armband are all just a LITTLE too similar for me.


Interesting to note as well... anyone else notice that the 2 melee ones are in almost exactly the same posture as 2 of the 3 Kobold models from the Bones line?

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My idea on the red cloth was that they live in a swamp, they probably don't produce their own textiles, and don't get cloth that often, so what they do have is probably all from the same cut. Like, they get a bolt of the stuff, and then use it for everything.


As for the melee poses... Well, they do have the same sculptor as the kobolds.

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I like the colorful shield and the tribal signs on the archer's banner.

The yellow belly plates shading is also very well done.

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Love the story. The figures came out well, I think they have a nice unified look.


Two suggestions: your primer coat looks a bit gritty. You may be spraying from too far away. Next time move the figures a few inches closer to the can. Second, clean up your bases a little more. You did a nice neat job on the figures, but the bases have sprue that needs trimmed, a little flash, and brown paint and flock splashed on them. Cleaning that up will improve the overall look of the pieces.

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