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CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

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Sorry, couldn't delete that comment. Though, I was able to get through to him yesterday. He said the Ogre Mages still haven't come in, hence the hold up. I've repeatedly emailed and called him about swapping the Ogre Mage for something else, and although he's agreed, I hear nothing until i try contact him again. Apparently he's going to send it out at the end of the week. I'll keep people posted. 

I can PM you his cell number if you want? 

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Sure, thanks. I had sent him an email, with all the mistakes missing from what I was sent, including Tsagottha and he said that's he'd get right on it, but that was a few months ago and nothing.

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I'm here. Like I have mentioned before, I don't get around to many forums; especially over the past year as work has been insane. Anyway, if I have not responded to an email, please try again. We have had more than a few issues with our Yahoo account. At some point, more than half our incoming emails were going straight to spam or just not showing at all.


For the few international customers that are waiting, we are shipping those this weekend. The delay had several issues including missing figures, bad notes, etc.


My email is: bbarsh@pacesettergames.com 


King of Evil Dragons: or those who have been waiting for the King of Evil Dragons, it will be delivered to my house tomorrow via UPS!!! Finally! That was also a factor in a few of the international orders.


Ogre Mage: This was a problem with the actual name and finding it. I am never going to blame anyone for anything regarding this venture, but please understand, we did not assume control of "company" and its "assets" in perfect order. Yes, I had and still have a large learning curve to tackle, but its not like I walked into a perfectly organized situation with spreadsheets, inventory lists, stock lists, etc...  Basically, nothing.


In the end, this was much more difficult and time-consuming than I imagined. Nevertheless, trying to fix this mess was something I know needed to be done. We were not perfect and we have few lingering issues to correct, but we will correct them. I apologize sincerely to those of you who have been delayed; we will get this right and if not by this weekend, I will personally send you an email to let you know exactly where we stand.



Bill Barsh

Pacesetter Games & Simulations




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13 hours ago, dungeondaniel said:

I received my tracking number today. 

I got a hold of him at the end of last month. I was told the error would be fixed and items would be sent out the next day then an email with tracking info would be sent. 2 weeks later and I'm stll waiting. Although truth be told my daughter came into the world on Friday so I'm not focused on minis right now.

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13 hours ago, dwarvenranger said:

I got a hold of him at the end of last month. I was told the error would be fixed and items would be sent out the next day then an email with tracking info would be sent. 2 weeks later and I'm stll waiting. Although truth be told my daughter came into the world on Friday so I'm not focused on minis right now.

Congrats on acquiring the best kind of mini!

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I think this thread can be closed. I never did get the missing miniatures from Bill Barsh and Pacesetter games, and I didn't get the missing wing from the Salt Drake miniature.

The Tome of Horrors kickstarters were an expensive, thoroughly miserable experience, the Pacesetter follow up was an expensive but not as miserable experience.

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Hi guys and gals, hope you're all well, I haven't been posting at all lately but just happened to see this. Yeah, my update is that I am still waiting on a few big pieces that were missing from my order (received in December). Have basically given up that I will ever see them, Bill seems to pop up and reply every six months or so. Like Beagle, these Kickstarters and the Pacesetter follow up cost me a heck of a lot of money. I did end up with a box of minis in the end, but mostly it was all a big disappointment. Live and learn I guess.

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      I skipped some of the other information. Stretch goal, game play, unlocks.
      --- Edit ---
      Flipped the two posts as per Darsc's suggestion. :D
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