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60085 Lirianne, Pathfinder iconic gunslinger: sculpt B. Jackson, convert/paint D. Schubert (the WIP thread)

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(@CashWiley: You are welcome.)


Painting Step 4:

Two hours more. (About 4.5 hours total since the priming.)

Eyes! Armor! Duster! Scarf! Hat!

For the armor (lamellar? scale?), I blended the colors without regard to the divisions, and then used Brown Liner to draw lines. I'll refine them to make the scales look more individual and 3-D.

The other big items in this step -- coat, scarf, and hat -- have their shadows and midtones roughly where I want them, but they'll need higher highlights. The same goes for the broad edging of the armor.





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Looks like lamellar to me.


I'm happy you stopped on that step of the leather, that seems to be where I end up as I struggle with highlighting non-shiny leathers. I either leave it like that or it ends up looking cartoonish or amateurish (though I guess as an amateur that makes sense!). So really looking forward to the highlighting step so I may go back and forth and make (more) notes.


Highlighting matte cloth is also tough. The more tricks I learn, the more I learn I don't know enough tricks! (a nod to Nakor, it's all just tricks)

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(Thanks, guys.)


Painting Step 5:

Another 2.5 hours.

Guns, gloves, and goggles.

Scarf, plus clasp. In the rear view, so much more red is visible and it is clashing with the brass (yellow-ocher, non-metallic metal technique); I might glaze both toward orange, among other ideas.

Higher highlights on the hat and coat -- adding Tanned Shadow and/or Golden Skin to the last color that I used on each (Basic Dirt for the hat, and Muddy Brown + Redstone Highlight for the coat). These are subtle, with some scribbling/stippling brushstrokes, because the leather is supposed to be dusty and weathered. I think I need to go at least one step further, at least on the back of the coat. There's some V-shaped stitching on the underside of the hat brim in the art, which I might freehand on.

Edging of the lamellar skirt, including freehand for the two rows of light-colored stitches.

Also, I tried painting stitches on the interior of the lamellar skirt, as I see in the art, but I didn't like the way it turned out, so I painted over them.

Hair. I went with a stronger red than I see in the concept art, since it was at risk of being indistinguishable from the coat. I might glaze some purple into it next, making more of a deep auburn -- relating to the bottom edge of the lamellar skirt (Deep Red + Brown Liner).

Various fine adjustments to the face: go lighter blue with the irises, add freckles on her cheeks, and refine the shape of the lips (but I lost too much of the upper lip, so I'll add it back).

I added a highlight to her right thigh/knee, but it's a little too stark, so I'll glaze it with Russet Brown to fade it back.


But I think she's ready to leave the binder-clip and be attached to her base!





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Painting Step 6:

Another slightly-under-2 hours, including attaching the figure to the base with some Green Stuff.

Lots of glazes and touchups. Add the stitching on the vest, reshape the upper lip, bring up the highlights on the coat (with more Tanned Shadow and Golden Skin), adjust the hair color (Violet Red, Regal Purple), darken the scarf a bit (Deep Red, Rust Brown, Blood Red, Brown Liner), glaze some Chestnut Gold (orange-brown) into the midtones and shadows of the brass areas, and probably a few other things.

I took the figure out of the binder-clip, snipped out the middle of the tab and tossed it into my cup of spare pewter bits, and then attached the figure to a 1" square plastic base with some putty. The gray stuff on the base is ProCreate: excess from a batch that I mixed during a sculpting session last week. I used my flush-cutters to gouge out the top of the base a little, so the putty would have a rougher surface to grip.

I see a few more areas to tend to: the lines in the armor are too stark against the highlighted yellow-white (so I'll go over them with a lighter brown), and the back of her collar and her left heel aren't highlighted enough.

Next I'll sculpt the ground. On almost every other figure of the Pathfinder iconic characters, I've been using a simple formula of rough ground plus scattered cobble-size rocks, and static grass.





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This is amazing. Thank you for step-by-step walking us through the process. It is very helpful.


Btw, the armor reads to me like plates sewn or rivited down to leather, which fits with the 18th Century crossed with Medieval vibe. Technically it would be most like brigandine - though in real examples the brig was usually covered with another layer of leather or canvas. Sorry, armor questions bring out my pedantic re-enactor. ::):

Edited by Grim
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I've never been a fan of gunslingers (the class) in general, but you are really bringing this to life. It's always awesome to see your progress, and the work you've done makes me more interested in this figure. I know it's a minor detail, but I really like the way you added the tassel to the saber. Thanks for sharing your work.

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@Grim: Thanks for the armor knowledge! In the concept art, it is clear that the armor is a lot of little plates sewn to the leather skirt. That's more detail than can easily be sculpted in miniature, so the armor is abstracted here.


@Loim: I agree that Wild West-style guns can be pretty jarring for fantasy, but I like this figure design and I'm trying to do it justice.

As for the saber tassels ... Jeremie B.-T. pointed out, when he was at ReaperCon a couple of years ago, that adding details that would be too fine to cast in a stock metal figure -- tassels, strands of hair, strips of cloth, etc. -- can make a figure look more lively and realistic.


@chaosscorpion: Here's what I planned for the base. Behold! ::D:


Painting Step 7:

This step didn't actually involve any painting, but it's in the sequence, so ... I stuck some Green Stuff to the base, pushed it around to form an even surface, and then roughened it into "earth" with lots of indentations from a couple of sculpting tools. Then I added some lumps of Green Stuff and shaped cobbles out of them.

I also sanded the edges of the base, so paint will stick better to this rougher surface.





...and then later today, Painting Step 8:

Another 2 hours to paint the dirt and rocks, glue on the static grass, paint the static grass (greens and yellows), and do another round of touchups (collar, left heel).

Still later, another half-hour to paint the edges of the base, do more touchups (armor, hair), and sign the underside of the base (including a "Dec 2013" date). I also added some "dust" to the hem of her coat (it is a duster, after all...) by dabbing very thin Golden Shadow on it. (That was one of the colors that I used for the dirt.)

I think I'll call her done. I can look for more things to fix and I'm sure I'll find plenty, but she fits in well with the rest of my Pathfinder iconics.

If you see anything that really bugs you, let me know.

The total time for painting has been between 11 and 12 hours -- about 13 including the priming. Less time to paint than to convert!




Any other questions or suggestions?



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Ummmm mail it to me...just a suggestion...waves hand like any good jedi performing a jedi mind trick.


That is an amazing piece. I think I like it the most of any of your pieces I've seen to date.


Thank you for the great wip.

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