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Nial ap Morai

Rounding up the group Bard, Sphere, Cleric, Knight, and Mage

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These complete the latest of the batch for this year,


I used a combination of Mick Jagger and Sammy Hagar as a bit of inspiration for the bard



The Flaming Sphere was a fun prop to use



I found the cleric to be a great cohort



The Knight didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, the detail is muted and the matting is a bit shiny, I think I was too close when spraying and maybe too much in a hurry to get it done



I found the mage and it is very similar to my avatar, so I had to give him a shot. I may need a new can of matte finish. as I had an issue with this finish as well, taking out the detail and looks a bit clogged.



Getting back in the hobby has provided a nice relaxing or therapeutic effect, I have to figure out a way to do this more than a couple weeks every couple years....


Fire away, tips, comments and pointers welcome

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Your fire looks very unatural. The hottest part (yellow) is not on the outside of a flame. On the outside to the inside should be red, orange, yellow, if wanted white.


Everything else is very nice painted.





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I love the Bard. There is something about it that is making me laugh (in a good way.) He does look like the pioneer of rock stardom, rockin in out in some farmers barn. Awesome!

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