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First sculpt wip - help needed...

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Ok, it's been a while, but I managed to make some progress yesterday. I tried to attach few more legs to the centipede, but failed miserably =). So I thought this is good enough for table top and called it a quit. So the first centipede is ready for paint!




As for what I learned in this progress was mostly patience =). Well, also to plan and research more and better. The legs vary in size too much, eyes came too big and look like sun glasses =) etc. But it was a fun learning process all together! Thank you very much for your help and inspiring comments!


I already washed the vaseline out of it, so I think I'll prime it tonight. The second one is coming along too, but I rushed it a bit and will have to make some corrections later. Although I think I'm not going to stress too much on how this will come together also.


I did decide to try this other way around though. I sculpted the legs first, and think I'll try to attach them straight to sculpted, uncured body. Do you think it's a good idea?



I also had some green stuff left when I finished with this, and decided to use it to some kobolds. I'll be having lots of kobolds in my game, and three of them are some kind of bosses, so I wanted to give them a little bit different appearance. One is a wizard, one is a cleric and the last one is a ranger with a bow. I think the bow came out ok, and the wizards staff and cloak are acceptable, but the hooded cleric is a complete mess =). The Green stuff had cured too much and just didn't want to work with me anymore. Ah well, live and learn again.


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Problem is, I've never sculpted anything but two not so good robes on existing miniatures.


The centipede looks awfully menacing, which is excellent considering this is your first sculpt.

Are you just winging it or are you following some kind of guide/tutorial?

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