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77171: Stone Golem (inspired by Marvel's The Thing)

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came out great. i like that the neutral-ish tone isnt too saturated with the theme colors; looks very natural. that base is great, consider the idea stolen.

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came out great. i like that the neutral-ish tone isnt too saturated with the theme colors; looks very natural. that base is great, consider the idea stolen.


Thanks. I figured it's the theme that matters. His real coloring would be too bright and I always planned on them being real stone golems or "whatever large-class humanoid I don't already own or have to few of."


I like the Warhammer 40mm planked bases I got from holiday clearance from FRP. I didn't want ship decking. I wanted something that didn't look like it would hold him. LOL The coloring is, Reaper Walnut Brown, then a drybrush mixed from Vallejo Stencil and Asphaltum from DecoArt then finished with Vallejo Yellow Green to put some algae on the wood. The moss on the planks is sand with Reaper Grass Green as a base then more Vallejo Yellow Green drybrushed over that.

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      Looks incredibly zany and fun!  
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      Hello everyone,
      So I have had reaper minis since the first bones kickstarter, but it wasn't until recently that I actually decided to start painting. I wanted to show off what I've done so far, and hopefully post other pictures as I make progress.
      I realize that these are rough, and I appreciate any advice on the matter.

      I posted these pretty well in the order that I painted them, and had anywhere from a few days to a few weeks between each mini. I think I am finally getting the hang of dry brushing, as seen with the golem, and the more I learn, the more I think I need to go back and touch up my older paint jobs.
      But overall, I'm pretty happy with the way they look. I can't wait to use them at the game table!
      P.S. I probably need to find a better place and method for taking pictures. These are ok, but I like the more professional looking pictures I tend to see. Apologies if the quality on these pictures is not excellent.
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