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Haunted Door

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Hmm cast that in clear resin (water effects or something) then overlay it on a double wooden door made from popsicle wood or something that will give clear straight woodlike grain. Then a wash like Goblyn says and that would look really awesome.

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If you're looking for some feedback, I have some. The top two bricks on the right hand side of the door frame are sloping slightly, which throws it off a bit. For the door itself that sort of thing doesn't matter - it's a haunted door so if it isn't perfectly symmetrical it fits. But in the frame it looks odd. That's also not the sort of uneveness that would occur naturally (settling floor, etc.) so yeah. Other than that, though, your rocks look great - they have great texture and the other imperfections fit nicely.


The faces look pretty cool as well, I love the vaguely bestial green one that is nestled between the white abstract skull and the white hand.

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