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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

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19k comments, in one line one after each other *shakes head*.


Wonder why that system is that bad?


How would you make the system better? What would implementing those suggestions entail?

Using any basic forum software.

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How would you make the system better? What would implementing those suggestions entail?


I could be wrong, but didn't the KS comments section used to be at least broken down by page? Just that one, singular change would make a huge difference. You could then easily reference "oh, that was back on page xxxx of the comments", and you'd have to sift through just a handful of comments to find it. I mean, if the Updates section breaks down into pages, why not the comments?


Does it seem like the pledge dollars have gone up at a slightly less glacial pace in the last 24 hours than they had in the past few days?


Friday afternoon and weekend days are usually slow, especially early in a project. Compounded with the huge opening the KS had, and this was primed to be a slow weekend.



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The rest of EP#1 and ... I'm not a fan of the goroloth (or acquatic monsters in general), but the rest of it is making me drool. I mean, mushroom men, come on!! Awesome!

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Sandra Garrity's apparently unnamed Female Halfling Thief needs to make an appearance


http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/female halfling/sku-down/02676#detail/IG_2770_1


EDIT: Looking at Talin's concept art she's an updated Elia Shadowfeet


Extensive perms were obviously on the way out by 2003

Awesome, thanks for the links, Nocturne! I'd seen the original Elia, but not Sandra's version, which tbh I like better (no offense to the original artist!). :D


I was actually pleased as punch when a female gnome (the female gnome bard) was included in the first KS; she's just about the spitting image of my halfling rogue (she was raised by gnomes, so she's adopted more of their characteristics anyways). I do agree that more female halflings would be nice, but more halflings in general would be cool too. For example, Oathsworn had a halfling ninja that could easily pass for either male or female, given how loose the clothing was.


On a different topic, one mini I'm rather surprised we haven't seen Bonesified yet is a Grim Reaper (I suppose there's Mr. Bones, but to me he's more cute than menacing :) ). It's Halloween time, they're named after it, seems like a good mini to include. They've got some pretty sweet "Angel of Death" sculpts in their store. :D



--OneBoot :D


EDIT: DING! Update time!! :D


Ooo, some pretty awesome additions to the Core Expansion.

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Question about the latest update:


Once we hit 1.6M Does that mean that the Expansion #1 is now "full"? You will not be adding additional miniatures to it correct?

I believe that to be the case, yes. A lot of those figures are larger, and it gets harder to break even as it grows.

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Buglips, just want to make clear I meant no disrespect to female goblins.



That's good. Because they can be pretty mean. You know why most of the goblins adventurers fight are male? Because risking death in the field is sometimes better than staying home. Grubella is on here 8th husband now, and he's been trying to get slain by adventurers for months!


The sad part to this tale: There is a goblin having trouble dying to adventurers. Doesn't he know he actually has to be involved in combat to die? Maybe the Goblins should take a lesson from the Starship Troopers universe. Instead of offering citizenship, they could use the slogans, "Service means divorce!" and "Today is a good day to die!"


Join the Goblin Infantry!



Would you like to know more?

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And here's the new Warlord list:


Carrion Crawler (BSG)

Conlan (Crusaders)

Kristianna (Crusaders)

Herryk (Dwarves)

Logrim (Dwarves)

Ardynn (Elves)

Centaur Warrior (Elves & Tembrithil)

Chrial (Elves & Tembrithil)

Ice Warrior (Icingstead)

Ice Troll (Icingstead)

Mountain Troll (Kargir)

Toghra (Kargir)

Boneflayer (Kargir)

Boneflail (Kargir)

Krug (Kargir)

Warg (Koborlas)

Olivia (Mercs)

Grundor Hoardtaker (Merc)

Stone Giant (Mercs)

Gauntfield (Necros)

Ghasts (Necros)

Thoth (Nefsokar)

Mi-sher (Nefsokar)

Scorpion (Nefsokar)

Sokar's Avatar (Nefsokar)

Avatar of Sekhmet (Nefsokar)

Spikeshell Warriors (Reptus)

Dragon Turtle (Reptus)

Hill Giant (Reven)

Traeg (Reven)

Woodcutters (Reven)

Korgug (Reven)

Bloodmane (Reven)

Sylph (Tembrithil)

Drys (Tembrithil)


That's 35 now (not counting alt sculpts for the ghast and spikeshell, or duplicates of models, like the gnolls).


Breakdown by faction:

BSG: 1

Crusaders: 2

Dwarves: 2

Elves: 3

Icingstead: 2

Kargir: 5

Koborlas: 1

Mercs: 3

Necropolis: 2

Nefsokar: 5

Reptus: 2

Reven: 5

Tembrithil: 4


And today I will scour the last KS for the Warlord models, compile them in a post like this, and add a section to future posts on this KS with the full number of WL models available in Bones for each faction.



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Kobolds and mushroom men (and we didn't even have to wait for Mr. Bones to make it to the marsh). Now we just have to wait for the project total to reach it.


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New reveal is all sorts of Awesome. Prepare for a slew of pledges and also complaints that they need to get so much they don't want to get the new update. Well done Reaper Peeps. This update does not disappoint.

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Necropolis 2? Skeletons, zombies, Judas, Naomi, Banshee, ghosts, ... Or are you not counting anything that's not an original Warlord SKU?


I don't think he's considering proxies. Also, Judas, Naomi, and the Banshee were in the first KS. I think he is only counting this one.


Frankly, I'm building my Necropolis army completely from Bones after this gets fulfilled. ::D:

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      Then there were three mold lines. Unfortunately extensive on the outstretched arm and on the smooth cloak. 

      Once those were taken care of, I glued him to a base, splashed on the brown liner and then began to block in colors.

      Afterburn Grey, peacock green, tanned shadow, and dessert stone were the primary colors I used to start with.

      That was last week, and it was enough to get the okay from my player. So tonight, I worked on him some more. Added Rosy flesh, nut brown, some black lining, and Marigold for the hair.
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      Sorry for being away from the Forum for so long.
      So ... how does one pronounce "peryton"? 
      I've usually said it like "keratin" (stress on the first syllable), but I suppose it could rhyme with "enlighten" (stress on the second syllable) instead.
      I realized only weeks ago that I had been mispronouncing "wyvern" all my life, and the first syllable is long like "five", not short like "shiv".
      I taught a class called "Fur, Feathers, and Scales" class at ReaperCon 2018.
      I used the Bones peryton as a demonstration, because of the big feathered wings.
      The first-edition Monster Manual gives the coloration of a peryton as blue-black head, black horns, green wings, and blue chest (male) or drab chest (female).
      I showed my students pictures of real hawks and falcons, most of which have dark tips on their wing feathers, and sometimes a series of dark stripes. 
      Then I painted one of the peryton's wings to have stripes like that (black on green).
      Now I've decided to paint the whole figure, to at least a good tabletop standard.
      I attached it to a 50mm round base, sculpted some extra rocks, and sculpted the skeleton of a past victim (a Reaper pewter skull, plus bones made from putty).
      Perytons bite the hearts out of their prey, so I made the skeleton's ribcage open/broken in front.
      Here's how my version looked after I spent 2 hours slapping on Black Brush-on Primer and White Brush-on Primer, to establish the overall values.
      The primer didn't fully cover the striped green wing from my ReaperCon class.

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      I wanted to share my most recently painted miniature, the Ogre Guard sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
      The base is made out of a 74036: 2" Round Base, some apoxie sculpt for the rocks, green flocking and some army painter grass tufts.
      I picked this figure because while he is intimidating, he hasn't started attacking yet.
      This monster fits the look of both wild beast or gentle giant.

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