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NOTE...Ouovandius was a mutated slave from Thagra IV who was stayed from execution to become the sworn protector of Inquisitor Eisenhorn and later to become the sidekick of Slick Devlin...Quovandius was a tormented character who underwent the most horrid operations and experiments that turned him into a wretched/horrid looking creature on the outside but with a tender heart and soul on the inside...turning him into the beastly protector of the young and innocent and the hunter of the evil dark forces. With his ability of speech nearly completely removed...he often carried flowers and would say...(PRREETTY)!


Hope you like my new figure...

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Totally unfamiliar with this model. Lots of little details on it that your painting really helps to draw out. ::):


A little bit disappointed that you went with such a plain base instead of adding all the little touches to it that you're known for.

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Nice paint job.


I haven't seen a model for that game in probably eight years, nice blast from the past so to speak.


The flowers change the entire feel of the model btw, makes him feel even more simple than I imagined him to be.



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To all...thank you for your above comments.


1. I place these (my) Inquisitor (54mm) figures on simple/stark green grass bases as a deliberate feature...so that there is no visual distraction from the painted miniature. All are extremely nicely detailed castings in the raw metal and I don't want to detract from the painted finished figure...I do agree that they would look very nice on my regular detailed vignette base.


2. With the flowers...I tried to depict a poor hideous tormented creature who still possessed a soul of a purity and innocence...a being not of his own creation, but by the creation of others who could not steal his love and care for children and the common man...a monster that they created and who turned on his evil creators.


3. I have started work on the (3rd) piece of this series...Slick Devlan. Should have him done in early 2014.



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