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"Ashur- the demon lord" 40 mm tall

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Nice work.

I especially like the design (Assyrian influence?), the hands and feet, the grotesque tusked face, and the chunky but crisp detailing on the jewelry. This figure would be very friendly to painters, and I could imagine a lot of different color schemes.

The position of the left hand looks odd in this angle. Is there a longer haft of the weapon that's hidden by his arm? If not, he seems to be holding the sword by the pommel, which I think wouldn't give him much power.

And the right shoulder joint doesn't look correct to me, because it looks the same as the left shoulder although the arms are in different positions. I think his right deltoid muscle would be tensed to raise the arm like this, and then the pectoral muscle (connected to the humerus) would stretch, and the nipple would also lift as the raised arm pulls the skin up. So I would expect to see the right shoulder and nipple higher than the left. Granted, I'm basing this comment on a much skinnier model (me), so if what you did is accurate for a bulky build like this, then carry on....



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