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6 minutes ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

Isn't the first time.:devil:

he threatened me if I did that....


ps hangin out

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 No, that isn't a picture of Jack. That is a picture of Jack's hat - Jack is hiding behind the piece he was working on and you can't see him... <waves hand like Jedi>



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On 11/10/2017 at 6:32 PM, Bathory said:

Only ReaperCon was around a 10 hour total travel for 4 days of painting and friends.

CT is 4 plus hours of driving or public transit for a few hours of painting and friends. 


Well if you drove down with Fanguad and myself, you would have had 2 hours of discussions about Kickstarters, anime, board games, Warmachine, 5th generation fighter aircraft and giant robots followed by some painting and then 2 more hours of Warmachine, Kickstarters, giant robots, etc...

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12 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


 I'm guessing December is bad timing for most folks?



Mostly.  Pick a date and I'll post it to the Book of Faces.  I know a couple of people from the store have been asking if we are doing another one this month.


I'm wondering if we should just set up a monthly meet (3rd Saturday of the month seems popular) at the Citadel and just schedule the Boston meetups as they come up?  That way, people always know when the next meet up is, and we don't lose a month to option paralysis.

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I'm potentially open for this weekend (yes, I know that it's way too last minute for that), or Christmas Eve weekend, and I figure most people are going to have some sort of plans then.


That might be a good idea, Dilvish.

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  <walks onto rim of massive canyon, yells, "January?", listens to echo drifting off into silence...>


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    • By strawhat
      OK, I don't want to put the cart before the horse, but are Reaper examining the potential for colorshift paints?  With those big bugs coming in Bones IV, now (or very soon) might be a good time for some sparkly shiftiness.
      If this can't be answered, that's OK--nuke away.  But I'd be curious to know the ifs and whys (if available).
      I just suddenly felt like I needed them.
    • By Lord_Ashenwyte
      Hey everyone,
      Having spent the last 4 weeks away from any sort of miniatures (Fun vacation tho!), I'm super eager to paint again, and with my return flight being tomorrow, I thought I'd make this thread as a sort of documentation/to-do list. I want to clear my backlog because I'll be frank I'm sick of staring at unpainted plastic every day and I want to do something remotely productive in these remaining four weeks I have free. I have mostly Warhammer miniatures, though there is some Mantic and Reaper stuff in there. 
      First of all to be done is this charming fellow. 

      A Stormcast chap who I first tested sculpting fur on, which I'm reasonably happy with. A closer look at the fur, which does look like guacamole in this picture.

      Right now it's a standard basecoat and drybrush fur, but I will re-doing the fur and wet blend it to something like what this fellow has.
      Have a nice day! 
    • By sumbloke
      Sounds like an interesting paint mixer. Not sure I'd get it myself, but some people on this forum might be interested...
    • By DocPiske
      I haven't seen this posted anywhere else on the boards and did not find anything by searching, but RealmSmith has posted an interview from GAMA on YouTube with Ron and Ed. If this has already been posted, please feel free to nuke this post with extreme prejudice. As YouTube is a commercial site, no link but searching RealmSmith and Reaper will get you there.
      Here are my notes:
      Pathfinder Paints (!) - 56 new colors, Golarian specific colors, ETA October.
      Learn to Paint kit expansions, 6 additional colors each and instructions, 4 expansion sets, ETA June or July.
      Pathfinder Learn to Paint kit being worked on.
    • By WhiteWulfe
      Ordered a reasonable amount of paints from an online store that carries Reaper here in Canada....  All of the other paints come across as normal, but this one....  Well, uhm...

      I'm going to venture a guess it's a goner, or can it be saved?  There isn't even a liquid sound when shaking the bottle, just the sound of the agitator stuck in the bottom moving around somewhat.
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