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02851 Hill Troll

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Finally got some painting done this weekend and finished up this fellow.




I was initially going to go with something a bit more human looking, where he was going to have Mediterranean skin tones, so I started off with dusky skin.  About partway through, I decided to go with a more rocky looking appearance, so I shaded with some agrax earthshade.




Since I was making him look more like rock and soil, I thought grass for body hair might be an interesting choice.  It doesn't look so great here, but the effect's a bit better in person.




The rocky protrusions were based with walnut brown, then shaded up with grey rock and finally to rainy gray as the highlight, done with successive drybrushes.




The metals were all done with vallejo model colors, with some of the new technicals from Games Workshop.  The blue on the arm shield is nihilakh oxide.  Took a bit to get it down to an effect that was noticeable, but not too strong.


Fun guy to get painted up.  My players have already had their fun with him once, and I expect to find more uses as time goes on.

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I love the grass growing on the Troll. I've used the static grass as fur, but as actual grass it's a new one...VERY IMAGINATIVE!

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