2017: Frulla Krung - as a Frost Giantess Mountain Troll - a Scary Abomination Ogre Chieftain - Bones Ogre Wearily Leaning on a Rock. Mountain Base w/ Marble Boulder - Marble Stone, Bark and Sand on a Trivet Base Ral Partha White Dragon - old school Sandra Garrity dragon stripped and rebuilt on a 2" square base Ral Partha Blue Dragon - original Tom Meier release blue dragon (DG3) Mom's Lighthouse Fairy Garden - a construction project Planetarium, Quest for Planetoids - a board game side project Lord of Death, Bones - painted for Talisman Reaper token Steampunk of Oz - the band of meddling heroes for my daughter's birthday Herald of Blood - my new field goal blocker for Dreadball ... jk ... he's our goalie for soccer. Goremaw - Blue Worm of Markshire Fire Giant Jailor - Bones 3 Badass Frost Giant - Joten on Ice
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