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Ral Partha Shadowrun Deckers and Combat Mages

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Loved this game in the '80's for its awesome look forward...love this game today (2nd & 3rd ed, none of this new stuff they call shadowrun), for it's different take on tech and the way it could have developed.


I have quite a few of the minis packed in a box somewhere as we tend to use new minis from new manufacturers, these however do have a charm of their own.

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Loved that game. Deckers had to occasionally break in with team if the corps system was off the matrix. I can't wait to see you put your Pingo flair to these figures.

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Either, my brush work sucks, and my eyes are indeed getting old.... or I need to use some magnification to get my eyes to start looking that good, cause Wowsa!


Look at all the nice little dots of beautiful color on the elf's dreamy eyes. 

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Man, I haven't played Shadowrun since '97 when I was running a campaign. Though I did have an idea for a tabletop game depicting the intrusion into a data node. May have to look at that again one of these days...

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A few more old Ral Partha sculpts.  Here's a female corporate decker from Ral Partha's 20-523, Corporate Interdiction Team, now Iron Wind Metals DS-044, Female Corporate Decker with Laptop and Gun; the female elf decker from Iron Wind 20-572, Elven Deckers - Male & Female; and Iron Wind's DS-048, Male Corporate Decker with Laptop and Pistol.


The woman decker looks almost like a little girl with a school uniform.  I'm painting her up as a PC from southeast Asia.

post-8022-0-70514600-1405689532.jpg post-8022-0-58324100-1405689553.jpg


The elves have sculpted eyebrows which get a little in the way.  I tried to give this one an 'eighties vibe.

post-8022-0-60395300-1405689567.jpg post-8022-0-69765900-1405689576.jpg


And a shouty guy with a gun.  Honestly, who thought physically lugging around huge delicate hardware in one hand was a good idea?


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I love Shadowrun and Cyberpunk both for their outdated ideas of tech.  Its so much fun to play those games now as a result of it.  It feels like more of a alternate universe current day than a far or even near future setting.  Cyberpunk in particular is a great system that gets little love these days. 


I'm really enjoying these figs.  keep painting!

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I love the personality in these! That elf decker looks very David Bowie-esque! (I realise it's female...but I don't think that matters much when talking Bowie. ::P:)

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More work on the faces, and I primed things that will be black or silver with a simple dark grey.




I hadn't shown these two figures yet.  The first is a decker, the second a rigger.  The decker dude has a kind of steampunk vibe going on.  The rigger looks a little like a mishmash of WWII and 1970's sci fi.  I am also noticing the proportions.  These figures have pretty large heads and some of them have short legs.  They look like 32mm figures from the waist up.

post-8022-0-92044800-1405957366.jpg post-8022-0-28738800-1405957375.jpg


The dark grey I primed with is a super simple mix of Carbon Black (which unfortunately is a bit shiny in my paints) and a dab of Titanium White.  The woman on the left is going to have opaque black tights and shiny black shoes, a fashion choice I wear a lot.  The woman on the right, you may recall, needed some fixing around the face.  I added purple cyber eyes, purple streaks in her hair, and purple tights.  The tights manage to look semi-transparent just from my glazing a bit of flesh tone over the fronts and backs.

post-8022-0-39288600-1405957751.jpg post-8022-0-71604800-1405957783.jpg post-8022-0-78360500-1405957789.jpg post-8022-0-58472900-1405957795.jpg


And here are the rest of them primed with dark grey.  I underpainted the male elf decker's clothes in monochrome greys, though I don't know if I'm going to keep the coloration.

post-8022-0-50997200-1405958049.jpg post-8022-0-48020300-1405958111.jpg


post-8022-0-36196500-1405958009.jpg post-8022-0-74746200-1405958016.jpg


post-8022-0-72156700-1405958034.jpg post-8022-0-78245000-1405958379.jpg


post-8022-0-42796300-1405958057.jpg post-8022-0-01199200-1405958075.jpg

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So I laid out the figures for work and I thought, "Blue."


I used two different blues as bases.  Phthalocyanine Blue is an intense, transparent greenish blue.  Ultramarine Blue is less transparent (although still translucent), a little more pure blue, like a sky color, closer to purple than phthalo.


Naturally I didn't use either of them straight.  I didn't even use them mixed just with white, where they tend to look electric.  I added dabs of browns and ochre yellow to make them a little less eye-popping, then added a touch of white to even the dark colors to give them some opacity and a place to go when I shade darker later.


The first color I mixed was Phthalo Blue, Burnt Sienna, and just a dab of Titanium White.  This makes a not-quite-opaque, slightly coppery-looking dark blue.  I had planned to give the S.E. Asian woman decker a navy blue suit, so that was a no-brainer.  This color is terrible for jeans -- too green, too bright -- but I put it on the elf rigger woman's shorts and the shouty decker guy's trousers anyway as a sort of undertone.

post-8022-0-62890500-1406114770.jpg post-8022-0-27484700-1406114783.jpg


Then I mixed a slightly paler blue by adding a small amount of Titanium White to the mix and roughly brushed on some highlights.

post-8022-0-81464300-1406114865.jpg post-8022-0-46746200-1406114871.jpg


post-8022-0-58908600-1406114878.jpg post-8022-0-94413900-1406114883.jpg


Then I mixed a blue using the same recipe, but Ultramarine Blue instead of phthalo.  This makes a much more natural denim blue.  Even with a little Titanium White added, it's still translucent enough to use as a glaze.  I started to shade the dark areas (Oh, and I used the last lighter blue to add highlights to the decker woman's hair).

post-8022-0-09433800-1406115074.jpg post-8022-0-11401700-1406115080.jpg


I also started mixing up some less staid colors.  Ultramarine Blue plus Quinacridone Magenta (plus a little white) makes an intensely artificial grape purple, used on the elf boots to the right.

post-8022-0-18732000-1406115161.jpg post-8022-0-62588900-1406115166.jpg


These two have a paler mix of Ultramarine Blue and white (and still some Burnt Sienna, because I am reserving the purest colors for where I want things to really pop).  You can see the difference between Phthalo-based and Ultramarine-based colors on the left. Lines are still sloppy.

post-8022-0-70142300-1406115362.jpg post-8022-0-36302500-1406115370.jpg post-8022-0-15817200-1406115399.jpg


I used some of the various mixed blues to fill out these two.

post-8022-0-72370400-1406115483.jpg post-8022-0-16821600-1406115491.jpg



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Last update for a bit, as I am heading off in the family car to parts known but distant.


So I added a little more subtle coloring, some greys and browns, mixed greens and some whites. I also found a few flubs here and there that will need touching up.


I took these pictures with the figures on my sketchbook, which has a textured, slightly shiny black cover. After a bit I noticed how interesting their reflections looked so I started cropping them into the photos.















The faces are developing.

post-8022-0-46620400-1406407755.jpg post-8022-0-31524800-1406407765.jpg post-8022-0-70266300-1406407774.jpg


Here's an error. Using better magnification showed me that there was one of those tiny metal flash tags (I hate those) under the paint on the corporate woman decker's left hand. I removed it, and will have to patch the paint next time.



Next time won't be before mid-August, probably, as the family road trip beckons.

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