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I've been listening to some Stephen Wrembel, I've seen and met him a couple times and he's sheerly phenomenal, going to see him again in a couple months:


And of course Mars Volta, love those guys and wish I was Pridgen:


I'm kind of obsessed with Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch:


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Skillet is a bit hit and miss, but that was some very nice guitar-heavy rock and roll. I haven't bought any music for ages due to poverty considerations, but when I did it was the following:


http://www.myspace.com/rosetta/music/albums/wake-lift-15367017 specifically, Wake/Lift is pretty much the definitive track for this style of.... metal... ish... thing?


And now for something completely different:


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This is a personal favorite




I've also been exploring a few smaller bands that tour in Washington state. This one is pretty good and this song is well done. The guitarist also plays piano and cello. The lead singer plays piano, guitar and bass




And because I love them so very much... a little Genesis always makes it's way through my speakers.



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Bugs i can now see a Canadian goblin going down the road doing that dance in my head

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Cash: watching that first video, DAMN see that guys fingers move.

First time I saw him was at the local college, most of the college kids were there for credit and sat in the back. Me and a local jazz guy and our girls sat front and center and just drank it in. Got to talk to him for a while after the show and he not only autographed 2 CDs for me, he illustrated them, too. He doesn't just play a show, he gives a nice history of the Roma tradition, how the different branches of gypsy music spread through Europe, it's really interesting and I highly recommend checking him out live.


I'm a big fan of live music in general. Not too much coming through the cultural void of upstate NY during the winter, right now only Grace Potter and Stephen on the roster.

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The Decemberists -




The Auld Grump


*EDIT* Okay, I give up - how do you imbed video on these forums?

I pull up the video in a second window, copy the url and link it in the comments box.

The link icon looks like the game controller with the plus sign at it's lower right.

Just click it and paste the copied url.


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