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So who is excited about ReaperCon 2015?

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Awesomeness!  Now Reapercon won't be during my Anniversary... and I won't get the evil eye from my wife...  whooohooooo!

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Yarg...time to request a vacation change.

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YAAAAAAAAAAY! That means I can absolutely attend again.  With the other dates, there was a conflict that would have caused much groveling and presents at the feet of my wife otherwise.   Much happiness on my part!


:bday:  :bday:  :bday:  :bday:  :bday:  :bday:

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May day weekend now.


And that's significant?




Denton's fairly far from Austin, so not too many Texas socialists there.


In the US the day following  Tax Freedom Day  should be the holiday celebrated by workers. April 22nd this year (...being the first day of 2014 US workers were working for themselves instead of paying for some level of government).



In the interest of getting the thread back on topic, these dates in space exploration history include the following events:


Apr 30

  • 1966: Surveyor 1 - USA Lunar Soft Lander launched. Surveyor 1 made the first American soft landing on the lunar surface.


May 1

  • 1965: Luna 5, USSR Lunar Soft Lander, launched. The lunar soft-lander failed and impacted the moon.


May 2

  • 1885 Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck was appointed extraordinary professor of theoretical physics in Kiel.
  • 1961: Manned Mercury-Redstone (MR-3) launch postponed because of rain squalls in the recovery area.


May 3

  • 1961: First silo launching of an ICBM, a USAF Titan at Vandenberg Air Force Base.
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YES!  YES!  YES!  No longer on my anniversary!


Now Awesome Wife can't hold completing the Pony Adventurers over my head as a condition of attending RCON and missing our Anniversary!!!


Take that Awesome Wife!



ETA:  Errr....Dilvish Daughter, if you are reading this......don't tell your mom.



Crap, now she has blackmail on me.  Looks like the ponies are getting finished after all.

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