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A friend of mine is running our group through the Pathfinder adventure path "Reign of Winter"
Because I am a sadist, I decided to try and paint up something as a present for him in appreciation of running such a long series of modules.
In addition, I am working with the folks at http://impudentmortal.com/ to create the hut (while I will be sculpting the chicken leg base).
This thread is to kick me in the pants so that I actually finish it!
First up is my "inspiration" shots on my corkboard... I find it helps to have visuals up that A: kick me in the pants whenever I walk by and B: give me some help whenever I think, "Hmm... what color should I do her babushcka?" and other random questions... so — inspiration board pics:


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And finally: the beginnings of Ms. Yaga (Baba to her friends and enemies and frenemies)


PS: This is 60077   :blush:


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Very cool project! I look forward to seeing it progress.

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    • By SamuraiJack
      Got my base coats on and a top glaze on the back..


    • By T'hain Esh Kelch
      I started on it 2,5 years ago, and first finished it now. Turns out having a child takes up a LOT of your free time.. Who would have guessed? 
      It is the Bones version from the first Kickstarter. I had to have it when I saw it, as I think it is the most amazing dragon sculpt I've seen! Comments and critique very welcome!




    • By Sylverthorne
      Actually, I'm starting this tomorrow. I'm starting the thread now so that @buglips*the*goblin has a chance to check in and add my name to the list of bat-crap crazy whackjobs taking this on. And, you know. Pelt somebody with a stanky shoe, 'cause why not.
      As this is a Goblin Challenge, it will follow the Challenge Rules, as stated in this thread:
      I am .. not sure I know WTF I'm doing, but whatever, I'm a girlblin, I'm not known for sanity, and I pelt people with chili-bombs.
      So. Maal's been washed and dry-fitted, and I've said a lot of bad words about all the ratzenfraggin' holes in the wings and ... done exactly nothing about any of it, because I'm not breaking out the knife and greenstuff until tomorrow. But! The PLAN, if plan there can be said to be had, is that tomorrow, day one, will be mostly line-trimming, gap-filling and wing-patching, and possibly linering the base.
      After that, painting will proceed apace; and here's a picture of Maal'dryfitted to prove I have all the pieces, and amuse everybody. I couldn't find Sir Forscale, so I used a quarter.
      Let the commentating begin! ... don't get nuts, I'd like to be able to start this tomorrow and only be on page one or two. ;p
    • By Glitterwolf
      What is this for then?

    • By NyarlaBcn
      Well, I just give up with it: my phone's camera is not good enough. It doesn't matter if I improve the light or background, it just can't take proper focused close up photos. I will buy another one soonish. 
      Meanwhile sorry for the quality. 
      That beeing said, here I went for the opposite of Rivani. Estra is an old woman, so I opted for a sober palette that says "wise" and "librarian". Again, black and white, better blended than with my unfortunate Sheila. Hints of red, that combine great with black and white. Grey and browns to fit on the "sober" style. I was thinking about an spell effect on his right hand, as it seems it's what the miniature is about to cast one; but I thought the colour will probably break the overall combination.
      I'm particularly happy with her face; wrinckled, I don't think I missed the spot. 

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