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Yellow Gems/Amber/Citrine/etc

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So I'm painting up a big project at work and have had a heck of a time figuring out how to get a good looking yellow gemstone. I don't want it to be orange, but really yellow. 


I've been fiddling with using red browns as the base, but it comes out more like a muddy yellow than a crystalline yellow. 


You folks are some of the best painters out there in World Wide Web World, so I figured I'd try and pick your brains :) 


Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you tried using tanned shadow as your base or shadow color? I'm looking at it in my brain place and it seems like it may help brighten up your yellow gem idea. Of course I may be thinking in a different shade of yellow but when I get home I can think of a triad for you if you like, based around tanned shadow or tanned skin.

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I'm a pretty bad painter - so I won't even bother trying to pretend I know what I'm talking about.


I'm also pretty bad at colours - so I won't try to help with that either.


However - I'm not bad with the Googles.  I've got 3 decent pics below: yellow topaz, citrine, and amber (my favourite, if I were to pick one as a reference photo for painting).  Dropping them into the fancy Reaper Colour Picker Tool could yield you with decent results.





Linked cause of GIANTness:  http://www.gemologyproject.com/wiki/images/f/fc/Chiapas_amber.JPG






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Speaking from a cutting and polishing standpoint.  Yellow is a tough gem to work with anyway.  Amber is more brown with yellow highlights than yellow.  Topaz is yellow but still has a brownish tinge.  In my experience very few yellow gems get that white light spot, particularly when its a Cabochon.  Even in the examples above you note there is no top highlight. 


I cut citrine, topaz, and amber, and although I love the stones, i have gotten to using chips in my minis rather than trying to duplicate the color i know I consider it cheating but the effect is good and its a lot less frustrating.  of course having the rocks to get the chips from helps :) 


Seriously though starting from a mid brown and layering to saffron without the white pip usually looks pretty good.


Hope that helped

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Palomino gold would be a good base then work up to pale saffron, lemon yellow or clear yellow

Actually, I have found the reverse to work really well.


Start with a super pale yellow, like Linen White maybe mixed with a little Palomino Gold. Work up your shading lighter than you plan the final result, using a gentle brown or Palomino Gold for the deep tones and keeping the light areas light but yellow-tinged.


Then when you have the forms and shapes you want, glaze the whole thing with something like Clear Yellow, maybe with a touch of Chestnut Brown around the outer edges. (I generally glaze with Yellow Iron Oxide, which in Reaper is Palomino Gold, but it is a bit strong and requires a delicate touch.)


The pale yellow underpainting combined with the glazes will give a glowing vibrancy to the color you can't get just with straight colors.

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