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24576: CAV Ripper -- Purple Truck of Rocket Doom

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Color variations are great! There are a lot of things I like about it, and will try to emulate, sometime (like the windows!)  :devil:

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Looks like something one might see at a Monster Truck Rally . . . 


Monster Rocket Truck!

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    • By jsalyers
      Re-purposing this post to give SS updates.
      Has PM'd Info
      Wip Photo Posted  (Due 12/1/2017)
      Model Delivered
      @Dilvish the Deliverer
      @Savage Coyote
      Remember we're doing this to have fun and make friends. Chat, share tips, tease us with WIP photos or text - but don't give away who you're painting for.
      CAVa Claus is watching... :)
      ############### ORIGINAL POST BELOW ########################
      I come to the Reaper Forums from the Privateer Press forums. In my time there I got involved with a Secret Santa (SS) exchange where a group of people got together and agreed to paint and gift a model for a randomly selected member of the SS exchange.
      In an effort to generate more community activity on the CAV forums I'm curious if there is any interest in a CAV-centric gift exchange? I haven't put together my thoughts on how to organize it yet but thought I'd see if their was enough interest to make it work.
      I like CAV, I like the Reaper forums but the CAV sub-forums seem very, very quiet.
      I'd honestly like to get to know more of you and what better way than to paint a mini for my CAV neighbor in the spirit of the season.
    • By Pegazus
      So, signed up for the CAV Secret Santa exchange over in the CAV subforums, and needed to put up WIP pictures etc. But why do pictures when you can do video, eh?!
      If you're in on the CAV Secret Santa, you can click the spoilers below to see the pictures and video as well, but you'll, uh, be spoiling it for you if you're the one on my list.
      And you could be. But maybe you aren't.

    • By kristof65
      OK, since the sculpting part of my Tycho AFV is done, I'm continuing the rest of the build here.   If you want to see the modeling and printing portion of the Tycho, go here:

      I'm building this vehicle as a light tank for use with my NOVA Corp soldiers. First off, if you haven't read the sculpting thread, here's what the Tycho looks like. The 80010 NOVA Corp Sgt standing next to it has just been selected as the tank commander:

      I haven't been designing models for 3d Printing for very long, but I have already gotten in the habit of creating my designs to use small pilot holes and small pieces of raw filament to align and pin pieces together:

      I basically glue the filament in one side, and trim to fit into the other side. Then test fit, and glue. 

      The two turret halves went together the same way.  Unfortunately for him, my NOVA Sgt had to sacrifice his legs to become a tank commander.

      However, it's much easier for him to fit in his tank this way:

      Next up was the first round of sanding.  As you can see, the print has lots of ridges.  The camera really magnifies them, though - they're actually 0.15 mm apart, and they feel a lot smoother than they look. After the first bit of sanding, I did some gap filling, and filled in a couple of holes I decided not to use because they got support material stuck in them. Next up will be a light sanding of the filler (Pro-Create) and then a coat of automotive spray primer, followed by more sanding. 

      And here's what it looked like when I called it for the evening:

    • By Dalth
      Started working on a Terran Thunderbird, and I don't have pictures yet.  But it's really not much more then primed at this point.
      I'm going to do a woodlands camo pattern I think, so I based the whole thing with a sandy tan color and did the dark lining on it.  A friend of mine that Talespinner knows as "my pretend friend Rick" suggested that I start with the lightest color which makes sense.  I used the brown liner to do the dark lining.
      Question is what to do next, should I paint most of it green and leave parts tan, and then paint the brown parts, and then finally black?  Or would it be better to paint parts green, and parts brown and parts black? 
      Also is there anything I should do before I start the camo pattern? 
    • By Pingo
      These are the two hyenas from Jason Wiebe's 03277: Hyena Pack (2).  I painted them up as spotted hyenas, as that is what they most look like. I find I am enjoying painting realistic mammals because it gives a lot of opportunity for play with a fairly limited palette. (See, for example, how I recently painted wolves and wolves and wolves, and what I learned from doing it.)
      There is no WIP thread.






      I have a photo book of Zimbabwe, so I played a little bit with backgrounds.


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