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Crypt of the Everflame Recruitment

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I think I'll make up a Bard or Rogue or slim chance a sorcerer/wizard. Leaning mostly towards a bard thou.

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If the remaining players are uninterested in playing Healer or tank roll, i'm absolutely willing to roll up another character. 

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Is there still room or has this moved on? New at pbf. Played a bit of pbem back when that was popular. I am very familiar with the pathfinder ruleset both as player and GM.


I would be happy to fill the wizard/witch slot or the healer slot.

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We have room. Monk and Ranger so far. Besides you, two other interested, but no characters posted. Post your character to lock it in. Once I get 4 or 5 we'll start!

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I should have mine up tomorrow sometime. At least a rough sheet. Waiting for a new computer (should be here next Tuesday ) & once I get that I'll reinstall Hero Lab for a proper sheet.


Narrowed it down to gnome or halfling rogue.

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Computer came early!


I will have Mr Rogue up this weekend.

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Good. I ran into RAC this weekend and pretty much did nothing else. I will get my character up as soon as I Fi d a way to cut and paste his backstory from where it is to here. (There are some things that tablets fail miserably at... cut and paste is one of them.

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And we find a way!




Favored classes:





Favored class bonus: 1 skill point



Short and broad with sandy hair that was once darker but has been bleached out by many years in the sun. His skin is also surprisingly weather worn and sunburned to a mahogany hue. He wears scale mail polished to brilliance and a white cape with the sword and sun on the back. A scimitar hangs at his side.


Backstory: (sorry for the extra but I have been forcing my players to do this and fairs fair...)


Morgrym was born and raised by his family in Paddlegate, among the ruins of the dwarven mines there. He initially learned the art of weaponsmithing and crafting metals from his father and brothers. he discovered a small forge in the ruins and began using it in secret. The pieces he made at the little forge were astounding for one so young. Steel work of top quality and exquisite craftsmanship flowed from his hands in the little forge. Much later he received a special request to create a new holy symbol for the latest high priest of Serenrae. Pressed for time on the second day and he stayed at the forge late into the night, completing the icon just at the stroke of midnight.

As he finished he discovered the cause for his dislike of staying past dark. All around him rose angry spirits of the grave, howling and clawing for his life. In desperation he held up the symbol and called for protection. there was a bright flash an then nothing.

When he awoke the next morning there was ashes and pieces of the destroyed smithy everywhere. The heavy metal anvil was half slagged as if by a great heat and everything remotely flammable burned beyond recognition. The icon, once steel and silver was now gold and mithril and the image of the symbol was seared onto his chest. Whenever he stepped into the darkness, a glowing nimbus surrounded him.

When the priests of Serenrae came to collect the icon, they saw the symbol burned into his skin and asked him to come to their temple as one marked by their god. With the forge destroyed and his family uncomfortable about his new condition he set off to Merab in Thuvia to eventually become a priest of Serenrae. After years in the hot desserts of Thuvia he completed his training in the priesthood. The nimbus eventually faded except for a glow in his eyes whenever he strives against the undead.

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Ok sorry for the delays the last couple days on this one. As I said, I got a new computer, been using a crappy almost 10 year old machine that was on it's last legs. This one while not a powerhouse is a modern Win 8.1 machine so a little bit of a learning curve. Not to mention, new machine for my Hero Lab license as well. I'm gonna go with a gnome rogue for the game.


I'll have the character up tomorrow for sure.


thanks for keeping this one alive. Need my Pathfinder fix!!

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I was not able to view your Myth-Weavers post, even with creating an account there.
Is there a security feature for user-level access?
Maybe make it public?
I was able to see Davor's without a problem...



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I give you & everyone else playing


Quigley Nimblefingers, gnome rogue!!


I'll come up with a backstory but more or less he is on the run from the law from a few towns as he hasn't paid off some gambling debts & has "borrowed" a few items along the way.


lmk if you can't access the link.




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