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To clarify: Self Sufficient and Precise Shot are Feats.


Traits are an optional Pathfinder mechanic that add background flavor that I opted to not incorporate into this PBP since it was my first one.


For 3rd level as a Ranger you get Endurance as a bonus feat.  You get your first Favored Terrain.  You also get another Feat.


Since you are going with the Archer fighting style, I would map out on a piece of paper what you are going to get as archer bonus feats, and fill the gaps with your usual level progression feats.


Weapon Focus (longbow), or Point Blank Shot would be good contenders for this point in your career, from a combat optimization perspective.

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Where is the +1 deflection bonus from?  Did you get a ring of Prot +1?  I don't see it on char sheet.

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Chain mail +1 we found it in the dungeon.  Do I have it in the wrong spot?  Unless I have it wrong it's 6 for the armor and +1 deflection bonus.  Does it go somewhere else?

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The +1 makes the armor bonus increase from 6 to 7.  It is not a deflection bonus.


With the armor bonus of +7 and shield bonus of +1 from the buckler, your AC is 18.

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Sorry there was a 7 where there should have been a 6.  My bad.  Fixed now.  According is 18

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I'm back in the land of the living.... until tomorrow at 4am, I'm sorry for dropping off without notice, I needed to go out of town with no notice for work.   I'm leaving tomorrow to go back to the same location, but I expect it to be only Monday return Tuesday. 


Khim leveled to 3.   https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=537893



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      Having finished up my historical Dragoon, I decided to switch gears work on a fantasy project.  A while back I'd agreed to help out with the Ouroborus Tales Kickstarter and provide a 'painting journal' describing how I went about painting one of the orcs from that project.  The figures arrived a few weeks ago, so I wanted to make sure that was up next on my to-paint list.  The official painting journal is only for the project backers, but I can still share work in progress and info online.  But the painting journal will have more detailed step by step photos and a more in-depth discussion (sorry, gotta save some secrets for that! =P).  Because I like to get the most out of this project, I'm also planning to enter the piece into the 'Eavier Metal painting competition over on their facebook group.
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      I remember that the first Imbrian Arts KS had a lot of issues and delays, but I don't know whether it was eventually sorted out or not so if any previous backers have any info it would be worth speaking up.
      The minis look good though
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      For the Role Player that can't make up their mind! I give you the Eldritch Knight!  or at least that is what I think it is called.
      I would wear armor too if I was tossing fireballs out like a crazy scooby doo villian.
      Another one of those Paizo Pathfinder minis prior to Reaper taking over. My friend has a bucket of them and I chose this one due to it's uniqueness.



      yes those are ashes and a body shaped scorch mark. TOASTY!
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      As I wanna get more experience DMing 5e before ReaperCon this year & flipping through Tales of the Yawning Portal, I thought I'd see if there was any interest in running a Sunless Citadel 5e game here. I loved the adventure in 3.5, it was actually one of the last sitdown @ home games I ran before my friends/gamers all scattered across the state/area.
      Let me know here if you are interested.
      Basic 5e rules:  http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/basicrules
       Basic/PH 5e rules with the options to play the UA ranger or PH ranger & UA artficer. Races can come from the following: PH, Elemental Evil Player's Guide (minus the aracockra & with this being a dungeon crawl, a goliath might not be the best choice either. Sword Coast & Volo's 5e (thou this one needs DM's approval before proceeding.)
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      Other then that standard character generation. Looking for 5 players.
      I'd like to start around May 1st.
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      This comes from a line of miniatures prior to Reaper taking on the Pathfinder line. Made by Paizo in 2005, you will probably be seeing more of these from me in the future since my friend wants every single one he has painted.
      At first I did not like this model, but after throwing some paint on...the sculpter proved me wrong. A lot of fun to paint too.


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