Crypt of the Everflame Recruitment

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So, we have 4 characters posted (still need to view Haldir's at home).


Dwarf Monk

Half-Elf Ranger

Dwarf Cleric

Gnome Rogue


Still waiting to get a character post from Horned Turtle...


An interesting and eclectic mix as ever there was!

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We're doomed if we hit a amusement park thou ::):

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Not even close to weirdest I am currently running, let me know when you hit grippli cavalier on a dragonfly and we'll talk (with mini Ni less)


The party looks pretty well rounded, although some kind of spell slinger would be nice. We could make it past the obligatory tavern brawl...


At least low ceilings are not going to be a problem... for most of us.

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Yah I'm referring to the min height requirement ::):


If need be I can always swap out Rogue for bard. Not like my melee damage is gonna be a factor even with Rogue bonuses.

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Rogue is fine.

Looking through the sheet, not sure what "Iron Spike" is, as I can't find it anywhere.  I would treat it as a Piton, and assume you are using it to spike doors open to prevent them from closing.


Assuming that is the case, I have you as having spent 134gp, 5sp, and 7cp... but my math could be off.


Finally, your skill bonuses seem off.

Here is what I have..if I'm missing something (size penalties or something) let me know.


Acrobatics + 7

Appraise +6

Bluff +5

Climb +4

Disable Device +8

Escape Artist +7

Perception +6

Sense Motive +4

Slight of Hand +7

Stealth +11

Use Magic Device +5

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Will look into those skill bonuses but they should be correct.


My skills are reflected by the amount of crap I have on me right now. I'm at medium encumbrance, thus the -3 to Acrobatics, etc etc.


Iron Spike (odd it came out of a later hardback) is basically a piton.


The cash I have on my sheet using 140 gold as a starting point (avg for rogues)


is 17 gp, 3 sp & 8 cp

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Ah, the medium encumbrance explains it. Didn't go that far into the details. The PDF character sheets make that a little tougher.

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Well, I was holding out for another player who said they might post this weekend. It looks like it may just be the four of you. I got the green light from Kit, so I'll start the Playing post tonight when I get home.

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Now is the time for the four of you to "volunteer."

Introduce yourselves in The Playing.

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I'm posting via android phone, not quite sure why my text size changes, sorry if this bothers anyone

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Will have my post up later today!!


thanks for keeping this one active, need some Pathfinder pbp!! (helps in my GMing @ ReaperCon, ha ha)




Whoops make that today. My daughter had to use the computer for some school work yesterday.

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Haldir, I'm sorry that your mummies mask adventure went on hiatus, I was really looking forward to it.

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It happens, no worries thou.



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Still waiting for input from Ludo, then the Mayor can give out his next Boxed Text.

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    • By OneBoot
      One of MrBoot's coworkers found out that I painted minis (apparently my husband has been, ah, talking about my skills at work  ), and wanted to know if I would be willing to take a commission for his player character. He provided the figure, a Wizkids male elf sorcerer, with a neat translucent fireball spell effect surrounding one hand, as well as his character's background and some details he'd like. I asked some clarifying questions about color scheme and the base and such, as well as explained generally how much different paint job qualities would be. He opted for my "deluxe" level, which includes freehand details and a nice base, since he expects this character to stick around for awhile.
      His character is a half-gold dragon pyromancer, with "subtle patches of gold scales on his skin" and "gold eyes with red flecks" (I could not manage the red flecks, but did manage to get a wee bit of gold in there), as well as a "cloak with a subtle dragon scale pattern" (my suggestion to him, since he wasn't sure what he wanted on the cloak).
      I found this mini both a lot of fun and terribly frustrating to paint; the details were muddy or missing in some places while being oddly sharp in others, and trying to work around the cloak and staff were at times irritating. Also, I don't know what kind of plastic the thing's made out of, but it half-murdered my hand trying to remove the integrated base so I could re-base it. But I eventually finished it, and I have to say I'm really quite happy with how it turned out! Especially the fire, I took a chance on doing a couple ink glazes/washes to preserve the translucency, and it worked out exactly like I'd hoped it would!
      The base is from Secret Weapon Miniatures.
      Anyways, enough wordy stuff, here's the pictures!


      The lighting is darker in this one because I was trying to capture the proper color of the cloak. It's slightly more orange in person, and not quite as bright. The patch of scales on the back of his hand is visible here (I used metallic paint so it's actually shiny).


      And here's some close-ups of his face; you can see the shiny patch of scales on his cheek more clearly here, as well as the dot of gold in his eye.



      Colors used: (this is mostly for my own records)
      Brown liner
      P3 Red ink
      P3 Yellow ink
      Dragon Bronze (so shiny!)
      Mahogany brown
      Chestnut brown
      Ginger cookie
      Tanned leather
      Oiled leather
      Leather brown
      Spattered crimson
      Big top red
      Heraldic red
      Leather white
      Solid white
      Stone grey
      Powderburn brown
      Golden shadow
      Palomino gold
      Sun yellow
      New things I tried on this piece:
      *Eyebrows - those things were stupidly hard to get right, I ended up redoing them like 4 times
      *Freehand - I kinda just...figured out the scale pattern as I went. It's not great, but not as terrible as my usual attempts at freehand, so I'm okay with it. I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did, given that I was annoyingly shaky when I was trying it, but I was down to the wire and didn't have time to wait until I was steadier
      *Painting a translucent surface - I made a thin wash/glaze with P3 ink, Brush-on sealer, wash medium, and a little water. I wish I'd written down the proportions of each I used, since the resulting mixture worked great!
      He was SO happy with it when MrBoot gave it to him today that he paid me extra! Which was quite nice, since after I was a good part of the way through painting it I realized I had rather undercharged him for the level of detail he'd requested (I'd charged $35, thinking I'd have it done in about 7 hours), and I actually ended up giving him what I would consider a $50 paint job anyways.
      So overall, for my second commission, it was a very positive experience!
      --OneBoot :D
    • By InvisibleThumb
      Yet another speed paint, this one pretty much human sized.  I'm thinking of using this one in a Frostgrave warband.  It's not exactly human, but I think that works in the setting (there are beast crafters after all).  If I do decide to use it in a warband I think I'll have to base it on something standard.


    • By FirstLevelFighter
      My pathfinder Sarenite paladin, Zekir, has picked up a couple of followers. The first is Aysun, an oracle. I did a little conversion and painted up 77217: Mi-Sher by Julie Guthrie to represent this daughter of the desert, diviner of the Dawnflower, and servant of the spirits of her ancestors. I cut off her left hand and scimitar and replaced them with the left hand of 77091: Nienna, Female Elf Ranger by Werner Klocke.
      I also eventually lopped off her other scimitar, before deciding to keep it after all and pinning it back on. The brooch in her left hand is made from a tiny washer and a rhinestone.
      She is painted up to match Zekir's color scheme.

    • By haldir
      Sunless Citadel (from Tales of the Yawning Portal)
      a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition play by post
      Author: Bruce Cordell

      Kythorn (June) 13th (a week before the Summer Solstice) in the year of 1493 CR
      The town of Oakhurst lies about 3 hexes (whatever the scale is) NW of the ruins of Thundertree. The area surrounding the small town of only 900 people consists of dusty plains & very little vegetation. There are some tiny trees, sapling mainly here & there but nothing noteworthy. There are a range of hills to the north. These eventually turn into mountains & the most noteworthy peak, Mt Hotenow sits in the middle of them. Also near the town is a great forest that extends to the south & the north, the mysterious Neverwinter Wood. The party, begin it's journey is the city of Neverwinter. A small parchment tacked to a bulletin board saying
      "Adventures Wanted! Please inquiry at Ol Boar Inn in Oakhurst"
      You have traveled the New Road to get to the small town. You are at the outskirts of the town, where the road splits into two roads, You have arrived around noon, the heat of late spring season starting to rise. The buildings are in decent shape, most noteworthy is the Mayor's building & the General Store being the best kept of the town. You recognize the Ol Boar Inn, by the large, hanging wooden sign with a stylized boar on it:

      The townsfolk eye you but don't give you any troubles. You see the town consists mostly of humans, with a smattering of the other common races of the Realms. One catches your eye, a female gnome wearing a bright color robe with a pendent around her neck:

      She  is at what appears to be a small temple. She sees you & offers a greeting
      "Welcome to Oakhurst. May Lathander's morning light shine upon you all in the morning." 
    • By Thes Hunter
      So I for the Fall Exchange of 2015, I got @Keianna as my partner. She requested something she could use in gaming, and let me know that they were running through Wrath of the Righteous. I looked through the types of monsters and characters in the PDF I snagged (with some free money from either Reaper or Gen Con or something) and looked for something in my collection that would fit the bill.  02923: Princess of Hell was a great match for one of the NPC's, a succubus by the name of Vellexia. That as part of the module, the adventurers have to find a way to entertain, one way or another. 
      In the module, she looks like this:
      And here is my interpretation of her in miniature form:

      More pictures below the cut (The same really, but with different exposure settings)
      I hope you all enjoy her! She has a good home with Keianna.
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