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Crypt of the Everflame Recruitment

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So, we have 4 characters posted (still need to view Haldir's at home).


Dwarf Monk

Half-Elf Ranger

Dwarf Cleric

Gnome Rogue


Still waiting to get a character post from Horned Turtle...


An interesting and eclectic mix as ever there was!

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Not even close to weirdest I am currently running, let me know when you hit grippli cavalier on a dragonfly and we'll talk (with mini Ni less)


The party looks pretty well rounded, although some kind of spell slinger would be nice. We could make it past the obligatory tavern brawl...


At least low ceilings are not going to be a problem... for most of us.

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Yah I'm referring to the min height requirement ::):


If need be I can always swap out Rogue for bard. Not like my melee damage is gonna be a factor even with Rogue bonuses.

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Rogue is fine.

Looking through the sheet, not sure what "Iron Spike" is, as I can't find it anywhere.  I would treat it as a Piton, and assume you are using it to spike doors open to prevent them from closing.


Assuming that is the case, I have you as having spent 134gp, 5sp, and 7cp... but my math could be off.


Finally, your skill bonuses seem off.

Here is what I have..if I'm missing something (size penalties or something) let me know.


Acrobatics + 7

Appraise +6

Bluff +5

Climb +4

Disable Device +8

Escape Artist +7

Perception +6

Sense Motive +4

Slight of Hand +7

Stealth +11

Use Magic Device +5

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Will look into those skill bonuses but they should be correct.


My skills are reflected by the amount of crap I have on me right now. I'm at medium encumbrance, thus the -3 to Acrobatics, etc etc.


Iron Spike (odd it came out of a later hardback) is basically a piton.


The cash I have on my sheet using 140 gold as a starting point (avg for rogues)


is 17 gp, 3 sp & 8 cp

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Ah, the medium encumbrance explains it. Didn't go that far into the details. The PDF character sheets make that a little tougher.

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Well, I was holding out for another player who said they might post this weekend. It looks like it may just be the four of you. I got the green light from Kit, so I'll start the Playing post tonight when I get home.

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Will have my post up later today!!


thanks for keeping this one active, need some Pathfinder pbp!! (helps in my GMing @ ReaperCon, ha ha)




Whoops make that today. My daughter had to use the computer for some school work yesterday.

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       Anyone outside the shuttle, give me a Perception Check.
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