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Crypt of the Everflame Recruitment

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Sorry, I'll fix my sheet tonight/tomorrow.  I had updated of Monk leveling page and didn't think to check additional feats for level 3. 

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Just checked Taeral.


Please comment:

1. You got 2 bonus languages at level 1.  What are they?


2. Are your level 3 HP 21?

If your level 1 was 11, minimum HP for level 2 would be 17, then minimum HP for 3 would be 23.  I have a feeling 21 was from level 2 and a good roll with +1 HP favored class.


3. What feat did you pick for level 3?


4. Skill points add up to 25.

You get 6 Ranger and 2 Int Bonus per level.  You used +1 SP at first level for favored class.  Does this mean level 2 and 3 you went +1 HP for each level?  See number 2 above.


Everyone, I'm going to go through the treasure and your prior thoughts to try to come up with an equitable attempt at treasure division and purchases.  More to follow.

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After looking at the list so far:


I would keep...

all potions, 4 flasks of oil, ring of swimming you already mentioned to keep, bag of holding, longsword+1, dagger+1(swap), chainmail+1, bracers of armor+1, and maybe masterwork longbow.


I say maybe masterwork longbow, because it assumes Taeral keeps it and takes +1 longsword since he has been Tanky.


I would sell everything else.  The wand of magic missiles would require use magic device.  The elemental gem is 2250gp to basically get an edge in a boss fight.  The horn of fog makes a 5x10 cloud of fog per round spent blowing it.  The loudness takes away element of surprise, so it's main use is to deter long range battles and cover retreat. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that the +1 bashing shield is actually a +2 overall armor piece, even though bashing shields don't need a +1 on them prior to adding the bashing property, so the module might have just meant it as a bashing shield.


If you take this advice, selling all this stuff gets you 6321.6gp.


I would recommend a wand of cure light wounds (750gp), +1 chain shirt for Taeral and/or Quigley (1250 each), and +1 scimitar for Morgrym.  


I would consider bag of holding party loot, along with wand.


If Khim takes ring of swimming, then this outline gives everyone about 3500gp of loot.

Spending 2300 on a +1 nunchaku for a monk seems less valuable to me, but it is possible if you forgo the wand and one armor piece for Taeral/Quigley, or sell the ring of swimming.

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Also, as I mentioned before, you could consider minor wondrous items like "brooch of diplomacy +2" for 400gp, "goggles of perception +1" for 100gp, or "gloves of disabling +3" for 900gp.  Any wondrous item made to boost a skill check costs bonus squared x 100gp.


Let me know your thoughts and clarify issues so we can move on.

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This would work for me I've always been pretty terrible about dividing loot.  The gold I don't need usually winds up in the church coffers...


A wand of CLW IS A great idea.  If we have the cash, each party member should also have 2 or 3 potions of CLW so if a healer gets knocked out they can bring him back to heal everyone else.  


That's my input, can't wait to start going again!

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In 3.5e, wands can be used by anyone who has the spell on their "spell list."  That meant that first level paladins and rangers, even though they didn't have spellcasting ability yet, could use wands of cure light wounds.  I can't find the same info for Pathfinder, but I was pretty sure I found that in the past.  Anyway, I'm going to keep that in, so Taeral can use the wand of CLW now even though he can't yet cast cure light wounds, because it is on his class spell list.  Wands usually don't provoke attacks of opportunity when used.


ETA found it.  It is in the description of "spell trigger" in the magic items section, and I was correct.

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Always a good idea to split the healing.  I would still recommend some CLW potions for everyone.  It's a relatively cheap insurance policy ::D:

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I'm good with whatever. I used some cash for some mundane items.


I'll update my character sheet with the suggested items.

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I'm still alive. Sorry for being absent... In the middle of the Ma'al Drakar challenge so I'll try to get back in sync next week....

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