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77037: Medusa (exchange for Tarlen)

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Tarlen has received his mini, safe and sound, so I can post these pics!


I had an absolute blast painting this one up. Tarlen described a pretty wild setting for his current campaign, so I wanted something that would be a bit exotic. He also specified "no horde monsters," so I wanted a creature that could conceivably be an encounter on its own. I decided to go with a gorgon/medusa.


Gorgons have long been one of my favorite monsters, and the metal version of this was one of the first monsters I painted, so I was excited to revisit the sculpt. I painted the metal one in fairly drab greens and browns, but I've evolved somewhat as a painter, so I wanted to do something a little more interesting.


Knowing Tarlen was in New Zealand, I thought it would be cool to paint this up as a snake native to the island...after all, Australia has some really crazy species, so I figured New Zealand must have something worth painting, too. As it turns out, there's plenty of awesome there but snakes aren't part of it...no native species at all (and some laws in place to keep the island even more snake-free than St. Patrick's Ireland).


Luckily, I found what I was looking for in the waters off NZ's coast. The Yellow Sea SnakeBright colors, bold patterns and an alien look that I hoped would match well with Tarlen's campaign.


Here's a teaser, because this reptile has mammal parts:




And here's the link.


Tarlen, I hope she does some suitable injury to your PCs!

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I love your color choices especially the yellow green, it certainly will grab the player's attention when she is on the table, I hope they bring a mirror.

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