Crypt of the Everflame

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With the announcement of the ceremony & such, Quigley goes into a quiet mode, he is more into observing then speaking. He eyeballs the crowd, looking for someone, something.


With the party on the move he gathers his things up & says, "Yup I'm good to go, I've got all I need."


Rolls of 12 & 15

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Khim will gather the rations, rope and grapple. Then start heading in the direction the map states.


I rolled a 6 and a 1

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Taeral picks up the tender box, twigs and brandy. Satisfied with his choice, he straps them to his backpack, along with the other bits of gear he had thrown together in his hurry. He struggles to shoulder the pack and almost topples over before the tent breaks free and falls to the ground. He quickly re-straps things and re-shoulder the pack, slightly more steady this time. 


2d20 16 10


Edit: Argh should have checked for updates..

Edited by Ludo

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Mumbling a prayer to Serenrae for good fortune and fiddling with the lantern, Morgrym joins the group headed out of town

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Morgrym ambles over to Quigley, hands him the clw potion. "Here my friend, you of all of us are liable to get into a tight situation where I can't get to you. Carry this for that next little adventure... and try to remember Serenrae when you find the next little goodie bag" he says with a huge grin.

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Your party makes one last pit stop before exiting the village... apple pie is on the menu!


You then set out, following the map.  You start at 1pm.

Taeral is foraging for nuts, berries, and small game, so things go a little slowly.

Based on the map, you assume it will take 4 days to get to the Crypt, if you forage the whole way.


At 5pm..

The narrow path winds through the raking claws of the trees, now bereft of their leaves, which crunch loudly underfoot.  Up ahead, a fallen tree trunk blocks the path.  Suddenly, a trio of snarling humanoids leaps up from behind the log, all greenish skin and fearsome tusks, bellowing vulgar challenges!


First D20's were perception checks:
Taeral 16 + 7 = 23: Success

Quigley 12 + 6 = 18: Success

Khim 6 + 6 = 12: Failure

Morgrym 9 + 3 = 12 Failure


In the surprise round, Taeral and Quigley may act.

Initiative: Taeral's second roll was 10 + 4 = 14

Greenskins 6 + 0 = 6


Taeral then Quigley then Greenskins for Round S.

Move or Standard action.

Enemies are 30 feet away, standing up behind a small felled tree which can be stepped over and provides no cover.

10 feet separate each enemy from each other.  They wear studded leather, brace their greataxes in one hand and have javelins in their other hands.





OOC This combat probably doesn't need mapping.

For the dungeoneering, I'll draw stuff out.

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OOC forgot to mention that for traveling purposes I will be using my boar spear as a walking stick and have my other equipment stowed.


Taeral suddenly drops his backpack, narrowly missing Morgrym's head. He snatches up his bow from his shoulder, nocking an arrow and pointing it at the three figures on the road. 


OOC to save time and post, going to go ahead and list my first standard action as well.


IF the geenskins take hostile actions on their turn:

Shoot the nearest one and move to take cover behind a tree, taking my spear with me. Prefer to take a flanking angle. 


If the greenskins just like to shout insults at armed strangers:

Try to identify what they are and what I know about them. 


Rolled a 14

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Taeral, You are pretty sure they are Orcs, but you don't have knowledge Local, so you don't know any details about orcs.



Ok, just to clarify: Taeral wants to travel with his spear equipped rather than his bow.

In this surprise round situation, that translates to:

   Drop Pack: Free Action

   Drop Spear: Free Action

   Equip Bow: Move Action.



Next round, to move to a tree for some cover(move action) and fire your bow(standard action, with loading arrow as a free action during that standard action), you would have to leave your spear where you dropped it.

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Not liking the snarling nature of these 3 I'm gonna equip my short bow & knock a arrow & let it fly @ orc #1


13 + 3 (sheet says +4, not sure where the extra 1 is coming from) so total of 16 to hit.


Potential damage: 2 pts (1d4)



Besides they are ugly.......

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Quigley fires off a quick shot and hits the left orc for a minor wound!


The Orcs retaliate:

Left Orc is howling mad at Quigley: Throws his javelin: 16 +1 (dex) -1 (dazzled in bright light) = 16.  A hit! D6+3 = 8.  Ouch!  Staggered in one shot.

Middle Orc throws his javelin at Morgrym with the fury of dwarf-hatred: D20 = 1.  An Automatic miss, he's seeing too much red!

Right Orc throws his javelin at Taeral: D20 = 2.  A miss.


The three orcs put their free hand on their greataxes, almost in unison (Free action, now threatening with those weapons).

That is the end of the Surprise Round.

Round 1 Starts with Taeral.

He moves over to a tree for partial cover, and fires at an Left Orc which Quigley hit, to try to finish him off, rolling a 14.

A Hit!  Now we just need a damage roll.


Next is Quigley.

0 HP.  Staggered.  Move action safe, or Standard Action and lose 1 HP, dropping you to -1 and unconscious/bleeding.

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Moving some place away & safe from the action.

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Ok. So I called this as 30 feet, and said no mapping, so that assumes Quigley was at 30 feet too. He acted before the orcs, and within 30 feet he gets sneak attack damage, add a d6 for me!


And Quigley goes to hide behind the cleric gasping "help me, please!"

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As he is leaving he notices a faint shimmer to one of the "orcs"


"Wha the.....??"




He shouts at the party!

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OK, khim will advance to one of the the orcs and attack. Since flurry of blows is a full attack, I believe, I only get 1 attack.


D20+4 =19+4=23

DMG D6+3 =5+3=8

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