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03676: Giant Snake

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Your brushwork & basing are SPLENDID, but the OUTSTANDING selection of colors make the miniature something special. VERY WELL DONE!

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Looks just like the copper head.  The scales pattern and color work really sets it off.

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    • By ThirstyBob
      I decided to get this and paint it for my Mom for Christmas. Arrived like this:

      Airbrush Primer:

      Base coated dark green, realized tortoises don't have green shells so went over the shell with sequential layers of Ochre/Burnt Umber mix, followed by ochre several times. Drybrushed dark blue over the skin.

      Washed the shell with burnt umber, washed just the crevices with a thin black wash.

      Highlighted the shell with mid yellow, did some speckling of red green and blue on the head and neck.

      AND then we run into problems, gotta do the eyes. So I do that...

      And we got one ridiculous looking, Stoned of his gourd tortoise. Please help!
    • By Crowley
      As November's Hangout Figure of the Month, we picked Medusa 77037/02833. Now, because of boobs, I can't share most of my pics of her.
      However you can see them at my blog:
      Part 1

      Part 2

      At this point I just need to touch up a few spots, flock the base, and she's done!
    • By Chaoswolf
      I'm not entirely sure what this is supposed to be; I got it in a group of figures that I bought on Ebay. I know it's by Grenadier, and that's it.
      I painted this up as part of my Morihalda challenge; to a (hopefully) decent tabletop standard.
      Those eyes were tons of fun.




    • By londwch
      Here is one I did last week and I thought I would put it on here, I searched around at other attempts at it and decided to have a stab at it.  I don't know if I should have censored this because her top half is naked but I did see that it looks like the moderator removes the image if it is not okay.  Apologies if there is any offence.
      I found this figure really hard to do as there was lots going on with bangles and arms plus I have no idea how to do scales.  I have next to no idea about highlighting as you can tell and I am just learning through trial and error so here goes.
      ( oh and the face got too much for me in the end as it this stage in my painting eyes are virtually impossible ! :) )
    • By Pingo
      These are the two hyenas from Jason Wiebe's 03277: Hyena Pack (2).  I painted them up as spotted hyenas, as that is what they most look like. I find I am enjoying painting realistic mammals because it gives a lot of opportunity for play with a fairly limited palette. (See, for example, how I recently painted wolves and wolves and wolves, and what I learned from doing it.)
      There is no WIP thread.






      I have a photo book of Zimbabwe, so I played a little bit with backgrounds.


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