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Fable's Theresa - My 'original' mini from Heroforge

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Nice work overall but the flames are especially well-done!


I have a miniature coming from them too - I will have to go and read  your WIP thread to see what  to expect.

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    • By dmpv01
      These two minis are the same character, one in an action pose as an eldritch knight, and the other as arch mage of the mages college. These are for an upcoming pathfinder campaign. These are custom heroforge minis I printed and sculpted flames on the sword for added effect.

    • By wickedshifty
      My BF had a PC made with Heroforge I've been putting off, cause he wanted Tartan painted. 
      I've seen all the recent Tartan posts here and followed along with the tutorials and I'm so pleased with how it came out! 
      He also requested a red leather jacket and green mohawk. Overall I am so happy with this mini. 
      Used almost all reaper paints, and a couple of citadel washes. 
      Thanks so so so much for all the tartan inspiration! 

    • By dmpv01
      I printed this design from heroforge needing a custom, notable NPC, swashbuckling aarokocra captain of the high seas for a campaign. Not a perfect print or paint, but good enough for the table.

    • By dmpv01
      I whipped this guy up on Heroforge, modded, printed, and painted him today. I had been looking for a good dragonborn/dragonman/reptus/etc but have been left wanting.
      This guy is a silver dragonborn cleric, death domain, follower of Tiamat (I know, non-chromatic) for a 5E campaign.
      I'm happy with how he turned out considering I was shooting for table quality.

    • By jonaas33
      Painted this guy up for an upcoming campaign.  The party should get terrified by a large group of orcs and trolls.  If they do any scouting they will be able to discover that the whole group is blind, but still pretty effective a fight.  The real trick will be if they do enough exploring during the adventure, they'll actually come across a powerful devil that is bargaining for major power, for the minor cost of one of their senses.  The eye marking on the shield signifies the cost of sight.  The party will be able to barter their senses, or fight the devil.
      The fig originally had a bunch of gloves and spikes coming out of the shield that I wasn't a huge fan of, so I snipped them off with a nail clipper.  If I could do it over, I would have used something to smooth it out a little more before I started painting.  I'm also not overly pleased with the gold colored boots, so I may go over them some day with a different paint.  Overall, pretty pleased with how it turned out though.  Of course, I appreciate any critiques and advice!  Thanks!

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