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Since I got a pretty good response from the figure I made of Frog from Chrono Trigger and from my Fullmetal Alchemist modified figures, I went on to my next challenge.  I want to make a decent figure for Guts, the main character from the Berserk Manga and Anime.  Now anyone who is a fan knows that finding an actual mini of him can be difficult, and I'm gonna use it for my next D&D character, so I wanted something special for it.  Now I ordered 4 different reaper mini's as candidates, not sure which I'll use yet, as each has something to offer, but none are perfect.  Probably will end up a mix of at least 2 figures, but the real challenge is creating Gut's sword, the Dragonslayer.  So I've started with that.



This is is a 2$ metal file from a local hardwares store bargain bin tool rack.  As you notice, part of it is cut off the tip...



This is after an hour or two with a dremmel tool, and a little grinding.    I drilled a small hole at the end and used a small nail with both ends cut to make the handle.  The "guard" I guess you'd call it is just a piece of cardboard, glue coated to give it a plasticy quality, cut and wrapped around the end.  This is my Gnoll Figure Kabal next to it to give a size perspective of what I am making.



Used some chord to make the wrap for the handle, and handled it a bunch to give it a dirtier look.  Sorry for the photo quality, But these are cell phone pics.  Some of the later onces I use a magnifying glass to focus the details a little clearer.



Put the standard D20 there for a size comparison.



With a little black paint, the cuts of the file give the rough Iron look to the weapon.  It's not done yet, still some details to work out, but I'll keep posting as it goes along.




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I'm eager to see what you mount this too as well, that is going to be a heavy piece of AWESOME!

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Ok, now that I have my figure I was looking for, the winning figure was 02962: Killian, Bounty Hunter.  None of them were perfect, but I knew that going into the project. 



First thing is first, I had to replace his left arm.  Guts as a character has an Iron arm, so I need to cut and change that, and maybe separate the crossbow for use later.


Luckily, my old darkworld board game had a willing volunteer.  The skeletal hand when painted metallic should give the mechanical look I'm going for.



Now with a little work, his hand has to detach, because his arm conceals a cannon. 


There we go.  man, Drilling something that small is a huge pain, which is why I opted for the plastic arm, its got enough flex to work with, and I have many in case I screw it up.


Now I want the arm to detach on a hinge, And I needed a way to do that, so I figured some thin metal and a couple tiny screws, but where can I get some?  Eyeglass sized screws ideally....


Ah, this helicopter is broken and doesnt work!


It has flat metal....


and a ton of tiny screws to work with.



Now a little metal cutting, and we have some hinges, fitted to these screws as it were.  But I have to go to work so thats where we stop for the day.


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No pics to update this time, but several failures occurred, but they have led to some better ideas, and it's nothing that can't be salvaged at this point, so back to the drawing board, some new ideas will come through, and we shall press on.

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Well my attempts to make the movable cannon arm did not work.  I just didn't have all the tools or materials I'll need to make it happen, but I will probably re-visit the idea later.  So i started some updated work on a few things to move forward.



First, I added a chain link to the sword, that ring is how he hangs it to his back, his harness is just a simple hook for that. 



Then I started out just painting him in a basic way.  He is a pretty dark figure, so I had to dull the metal paints with a black wash to give them a darker tone.  I liked the effect it gave. 








His arm came out with the mechanical look I wanted.  I may try painting some details like bolts and screws, maybe a few other things to help the effect.



My lamp broke, so I'll post some better pictures tomorrow, thats the best I could manage for the moment.  but he is coming along very well so far.

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Well it's done, I alway have issues with skin tones, and he ended up with kind of a dirty look, but overall I'm pretty happy with the results


















And for those concerned with the weight and balance, he actually stands pretty well, used a wide base just be be save, but it stands pretty well altogether.

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