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Knight of the Holy Sepulchre

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Beautiful. Love your shade of black on the horse. Will his other hand be holding reins to the horse?

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Thanks, ub3r and pcktInt! Yes, he'll be holding the reins. I have to make them out of foil so its one of the last details I add.

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Very nice.


That is one of the best painted horses I have seen.


Great details on the cloak/cape as well.

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I am not sure why you say you have trouble with black...  this is perfect!   Overall you have done an excellent job with two difficult colours.. black and white!  The subtle pattern on the flag does add texture but does not subtract from the flag in any way.


Overall.. contest worthy!

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Ye gods, it's another amazing paint job in progress by bailey03! Is there a member with a better post count:amazing paint ratio? Doubtful.


Love the blacks, nice work to study here. From the broad blends on the neck to the tighter work on the legs. I hate that I'm now at the point where I can see where you want to tweak blends, since I can't blend that good I just see the flaws in my own, hah.

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Fantastic work.

The Best part of this piece is that quantity of Black, and the Quantity of subdued white balances out into such a harmony of

color.  The simple color enhances the movement flow, and the enhanced movement flow causes the eye to roam from muscle group;

to figure fold, back to muscle group.


This is a very very harmonious feeling Mini..

Your control and mastery of it is very telling, and powerful !

I am amazed at how incredible this is...the left horses leg is a masterpiece at the Knee in the left facing views !

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Thanks, everyone!  I did more of the horse's skin and then moved on to the equipment.  I used the same shade as the sash around the knight's waist and the cross on the banner.  With enough of the horse finished I could finally attach the rider.  He'd just been set on the horse for the photos, now he's glued down.  I also attached the shield and painted on the cross pattern for the knights of the holy sepulchre.  I still need to up the contrast on the white background, there's a slight gradient but it's just not showing up in the photos.  When I finish the painting I will go back in and add weathering, which will help provide a little more visual interest to the shield.



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I wrapped up the rest of the border around the cape and thought I'd do a quick step by step. Obviously the first step is to come up with whatever design you want to paint. For a repetitive pattern like this it's important to keep everything as even and consistent as possible. When you do it by hand (as opposed to with a template) it's easy for spacings to drift and get longer or shorter as you go. To help stop this I used a ruler and marked out the spots where the lines get closest to the border. Below you can see the dots running up and down the right edge of the cape. The curving surface makes this a bit of a challenge, but do your best.



Next I start to fill in the lines. Break down the pattern to simpler parts. In this case I began with the portion crossing over the other line. Note that if the line cross through the right dot, it will be slightly offset from the left dot.



Next I put in the other side of the line, following the original one and trying to keep the distance between lines consistent.



Now it was a simple matter of connecting the lines going under to fill in the rest of the pattern. Where necessary I adjusted the original marks so that they looked like they meet. It's a bit rough here and that's okay.



So with the design sketched on, now it was time to go in and clean it up. Taking the background color I carefully went along the sides of the design lines. You don't need to go everywhere, just where the lines are too thick or not smooth enough. I also did some glazes of the cape colors to blend it all together and add a bit more shading/highlighting.



And here's the whole thing


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Daaaaang, that's beautiful and awesome in equal measures. The step-by-step is really cool too, thanks for sharing your work with us!

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As UB3R said... I cannot do anything but admire this and the freehand looks like it was sculpted in on that cloak!   You have one steady hand!


The color selection is stunning and yet simple..   Are you sure this is a mini?


:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: ::o: ::o: ::o:

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I bet a fabric measuring tape would help with those folds. I'm interested in how you'll shade and highlight the cloak at this point. I've been watching a lot of freehand WIPs lately and it seems everyone has come up with their own way for handling it.


Thanks so much for sharing, your work is very inspirational to me, so I love seeing the process!

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