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[Pathfinder] Kingmaker AP Discussion

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As mentioned in the Pathfinder AP thread, I'm willing to run the Kingmaker kingdom-building/wilderness exploration Adventure Path if there's interest. Though I'm still considering particulars, I will likely deviate to some degree from the adventure as written, may utilize some house rules, and will almost definitely use a restricted set of character options for my own sanity, as the entirety of Pathfinder published material is becoming somewhat overwhelming. I'd be looking for anywhere from 4 to 8 players; both Kingmaker and the PbP format lend themselves to a larger group than I would be comfortable running for in-person.

I'll be traveling with limited computer access next week, so let's say if there's sufficient interest I'll follow up with details on the 23rd or thereabouts.


And that makes eight! We are now full with Dilvish, Qwyk, ShadowRaven, Bionicspacejelly, Marvin, Unit04, Kangaroorex, and Flamehawke. I suppose since everyone sounds fairly eager to stake out their characters, I'll come up with the character creation guidelines now.

I'm hesitant to ban anything outright as with eight players we'll need some variety, but basically the older the better for character options, especially major ones like classes. I would strongly prefer to stick to core races, and given your numbers I would discourage 'pet' options. Beyond that, I'm willing to consider anything (even third party if it's solid), just run it by me so we don't have the setup of a bad joke (three bloodragers, an occultist, and a ninja walk into a bar... :wacko: )

Everyone should take a look at the Kingmaker Player's Guide (free download). Provides some background, some advice for class and race choices, and a selection of campaign traits. I'll provide a full intro later, but the basic hook is that you've all been recruited by a Rostlander noble as her private army to retake the Stolen Lands at the behest of the Aldori swordlords.

Character Generation:
Ability Scores: 15-point buy
Hit Points: max at 1st
Starting Gold: class average
Traits: two traits, one of which should probably be a campaign trait
Alignment: evil discouraged, but PM me if you think you can do it well


House Rules:
Ability score increases at all even levels
Two-weapon fighters can attack once with each as a standard action
Strain-Injury HP: essentially, most damage heals automatically with a short rest, with only severe injuries requiring divine healing or bed rest.
XP: Ad hoc, approximately twice the rate of the fast track as I'll be handwaving or removing "filler" encounters to maintain pacing

Players: Characters
Bionicspacejelly: half-orc druid?
Dilvish: Alexi Dromange, human (Chelaxian) fighter (swordlord)
Flamehawke: Vonthra Valnore, dwarf paladin (stonelord) of Damerrich
Kangaroorex: Ellandar, elf witch
Marvin: dwarf ranger?

Qwyksilver: human rogue (reformed brigand)

ShadowRaven: Beremor Stoneshield/Garess, dwarf wizard

Unit04: Aldrath Klockburn, gnome cleric of Brigh

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I can give it a go Douglas.


With local RP opportunities drying up, PBP seems to be my option.

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I have played the AP and am in the middle of running it IRL, so I probably shouldn't play it since spoilers!  :upside: But I can't oversell just how good this particular campaign can be. Seriously, it's awesome! You should play it.

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Well that was fast, looks like that'll be enough to run. I'll stick with the 23rd for introductory and character creation information so that I can prepare properly, but I'm really looking forward to running this for you guys! And as I said in the original post, if there's more interest we can support a few more players pretty easily.

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Drat, I blink and this is full. Please add me to the queue for the waiting list. Thanks.

Not full yet, planning on a relatively large group to allow for more player characters in kingdom leadership positions. Would be happy to have you!

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I could play I guess. Maybe the building will be less dull in PbP.


What are the restrictions?


Is there still room even?

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