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[Pathfinder] Kingmaker Adventure Path

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Alexi continues to weave a web of steel around the owlbear, his blade flicking out to score on the beast!  (full attack/defensive parry, fighting defensively, AC 22)


To hit (full attack action): 18+7 -2(defensive)-1(PA)+1(bless)=23


Damage: 6+3+2(PA)=11

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Beremore raised his hand and chanted, a lance of bluish white energy emerging from his fingertip aimed square at the owlbear. The air around it chilling with a slight snap.

(Ray of Frost 18+1 ranged touch=19 touch ac. 1d3=3 damage)

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Ellandar considers the owlbear to be the bigger threat.  lines up the bow and takes a shot at the aberration's tough hide


and proves why witches shouldn't have bows. (12+3=15) (3 damage if it does manage to pierce the thick hide)


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Alexi strikes a mighty blow, severely wounding the beast. It shrieks in pain and goes into a wild-eyed frenzy, eliciting a cry of distress from the awakening Auchs, "Beaky!" He lumbers to his feet and charges towards Alexi. As Vonthra moves in to deal the killing blow, it clamps down on her axe arm with a sickening crunch and lays into her with its claws (23 wound damage, Vonthra is down at -5). Ellandar is unable to line up a clean shot as the owlbear tosses Vonthra's unconscious form to the ground.


Aldrath rushes to Vonthra's aid, divine energy flowing into her arm and staunching the worst of the bleeding.


Vonthra waraxe d20+6=11

Owlbear bite d20+8=28 crit confirmation d20+8=26

bite damage 2d6+8 = 14

Owlbear claws d20+8=18, 11

claw damage 1d6+4 = 9

Aldrath cure light 1d6+3=8


Start round 8.

19 Alexi

17 Auchs

15 Vonthra

12 Owlbear

12 Ellandar

8 Beremor

2 Aldrath


EDIT: Updated map.

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Alexi tries to finish off the owlbear before having to deal with Auchs (full attack/defensive parry, fighting defensively, AC 22)


To hit (full attack action): 16+7 -2(defensive)-1(PA)+1(bless)=21


Damage: 2+3+2(PA)=7

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Hominids can be reasoned with,  monstrosities not so much   Ellandar takes more careful aim this time, mentally mentioning tougher patron that a little assistance would not go amiss, and that seems to steady her aim 



6 damage 


She turns her head to check on Auches and see what he is up to.

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