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77186: Tiik Warrior converted to D&D Nothic

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"Sheer nightmare fuel," indeed.  According the the monster manual they're insane wizards who discovered the secret to immortality, but withered and twisted their physical bodies in doing so.  They're also psychic, and love to try to pull secrets from a person's mind.  The players were trying to bluff their way into a bandit lair, masquerading as new recruits, when they happened upon the nothic's den.  The nothic asked each player a question, getting closer to the truth of the players' intent with every failed deception check.  The energy at the table was super-tense when the players realized this weird thing was rifling through their memories.

I think this might be my favorite D&D monster.

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Nothics have been around for a while, but yours is frankly lightyears ahead of the only officlal models that D&D/WOTC has ever put out.



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Agreed, your conversion is amazing. Yours is way creepier than the official mini.

Your poor players. *shudder

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That is an awesome conversion! Waaaay better than anything WotC has produced. Nothics are one of my favorites too! I recently used one in my game. One of my players panicked because his character has a HUGE secret that the rest of the party doesn't know about.

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Well, yeah. Nothics are hideous Lovecraftian horrors of the Underdark.

Not some kind of... muppet.

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You might be new to converting minis, but that's great!! Way better than the prepainted official mini...

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