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Raging Heroes: Dark Elves and Sisters

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Is there anyone still waiting on their rewards to be delivered or is this thread ready to be closed?

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Also still waiting for metal. I just got an email from Raging Heroes. They said shipping on the metal figures could start in late February. We still have a couple months on this project, unless they run into more problems. 

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Given their history, check back with us in June.  They might have shipped by then...


Wish I was kidding -_-

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I'm still waiting for the artbook from their first KS. It's only been five years, but they say I'll have it after their next KS. 


Not dissapointed and angry at all :angry:

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Co-worker got his 2nd resin wave and his replacement stingray riders today.. have to say the casting looks a lot nicer than anything I got in wave 1.. 

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