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Pathfinder: Giantslayer AP

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Giantslayer Paizo LLC

Chapter 1: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill #91

by Patrick Renie



Overhead map


(copied from Giantslayer Adventure Path Player's Guide)


One of only two non-orc settlements in Belkzen, Trunau is a predominantly human community of sturdy farmers and resolute warriors adrift in a monstrous sea of ores who would as so on kill them as trade with them. Its people survive through the grace of the gods, the remarkable tenacity and ingenuity of their leaders , and a simple, soul-deep refusal to be driven from the land of their ancestors .
Trunauans know sacrifice in all its forms. Though their lives are far from easy, this band of idealists, scoundrels, and outcasts takes great pride in the independence that comes from being all on their own in hostile territory. For them, every day of the town's continued existence is an enduring example of civilization's unconquerable spirit and the prodigious strength of hope.
This day thou is a day of celebration!
Jubilation fills the evening air in the normally staid town of Trunau, for it is the twelfth birthday of the Chief Defender’s youngest daughter, Ruby, and the townsfolk have been  preparing all day for the ceremony and festivities to follow. A throng of spectators has amassed at the town Commons; the buzz of the crowd subsides as the weathered town leader, Halgra of the Blackened Blades, takes the stage and begins to speak.
“Thank you all for joining us this night. I take immense pride in my responsibility as Chief Defender, especially when it comes to the honor of the hopeknife ceremony. It is always a great privilege to bequeath Trunauan youths their hopeknives as they come of age.â€
Halgra stops speaking long enough to open an ornamental case and retrieve a slender, ornately decorated dagger hanging from a silver chain.
“But tonight is a special occasion, for the recipient of this hopeknife is none other than my youngest daughter.â€
Once again, Halgra pauses, but this time she turns to talk to the child beside her.
“Ruby, by the traditions of our town, you have come of age. This hopeknife represents your responsibilities as an adult and defender of Trunau. You must be willing to use it on yourself, your fellow Trunauans, and your family—even me, should it come to that. It will be a far quicker death than that which the orcs will offer, and providing it is your duty. Do you swear to guard Trunau from all comers, and to use your hopeknife only for its intended purpose?â€
Ruby—dusky skinned, black haired, and painfully shy—nods her head in response to her mother’s question.
“If the orcs come, and there is no other option, this is where you cut—here, here, and here.â€
Halgra demonstrates which arteries to sever while Ruby watches. When she is finished, Halgra sheathes the hopeknife and places the necklace around Ruby’s neck before turning back to address the crowd.
“Tonight, Ruby becomes a full member of our community! Let us welcome her, and celebrate her passage into adulthood! Trunau forever!â€
The crowd echoes Halgra’s last words in unison, signaling the end of the ceremony.


As the ceremony ends a group of guardsman led by a slender young man,


Rodrik Grath


& a younger man with similar features


Kurst Grath


storm the stage. They drop a heavy hemp rope near Ruby, you see he smiles & winks at the girl.


"How can we, the hearty people of Trunau follow a weak-looking child such as this?!?" Again the man winks at the girl. "We must show those orcs who they are dealing with!"


"HUZZZAH!!" the crowd cheers


"Who shale come forward & help test this girl in a feat of strength vs the best of Trunau's defenders?"


Ruby scans the crowd......'You, you....." (she points toward the PCs). Well you come forward & help me?"

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Branwyn watched the ceremony quietly and with her usual calm. As she saw it seeming to come to its end she was ready to go back to her duties. When Halgra called though she was intrigued and stepped forward with a slight smile "How could I refuse your request Chief Defender?"


She was dressed in her standard leather and as always she had her weapons close to hand. Her bow was closer to hand as she preferred to strike from a distance and only closing when left no other options. Her silver eyes showed a great deal of warmth even as she looked serious. her black hair is neatly binned in a braided coil.






Edited to add in a description of Branwyn

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Golden eyes blink, slit pupils wide beneath his hood as the girls hand points to him. The human child was his height and more, and it sounded like this was to be a matter of strength, something he was, compared to the big folk about him, somewhat lacking. Still it did not look like he was to be alone in this, so he opened his mouth in an aproximation of a smile, and let out a soft croaking laugh "Rrrikki help. Size not only thing that count."

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an elf rests on his ornately carved staff with a deep blue full length cloak billowing behind him. When pointed at he responds in a voice deepened by many hours of chanting "Of course I will assist"

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Containing himself no longer, with a loud booming laugh, Ragnar rushes forward and snatches Ruby off her feet. "Hahahah, my baby sister has become an adult today. A momentous day! Of course I will help you Ruby Cheeks. They say that we shall be tested against the best of Trunau's defenders, but it is they that shall be tested against the best. We cannot fail, for our strength is not just in our size," here he looks at Ruby, then Branwyn, Rikki, and Krinto in turn. "Our strength is in our blood, our strength is in our will. Other can sense this and are strengthened in turn from it. Others will join us. And let us not also forget my sister, our ancestors are with us they smile upon us. And not just our ancestors, the strength of the defenders past will flow into us. I tell you again Ruby we cannot fail, not if all the orcs of the Hold were upon the other end of that rope!"

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Beorht will smile warmly, showing his slightly enlarged canines, and approach Halgra. He'll give her a curt bow, and a nod to Kurst and Rodrik.


"I am Beorht, a follower of Sarenrae. By your leave, I'll share with Ruby the warmth of the Dawnflower."


(OOC making sure using a little magic here isn't against the rules).


Beorht will then walk to the end of the line to each of the other volunteers. He'll touch each on the shoulder, give a smile and a nod while he seems to look into their eyes as if searching for something in their souls, and saying "thank you" at the same time. When he reaches the Grippli, he will pause a little at the sight of this creature he has only read about. Stooping, he'll make sure to be at eye level with the frog-like creature. He finally rests a hand on his shoulder too, as if succeeding in a leap of faith that the rumors of their kind's skin being venomous are over-exaggerated. He smiles even greater at the thought of learning about this curious creature. Heartened that the Dawnflower saw him through this test, he'll continue through the others, taking up a place on the rope just behind Ruby, so that he can offer her the Touch of Good just before this tug-of-war.


He'll put a hand on each of Ruby's shoulders and lower his voice: "Though this place has taken up the ways of The Inheritor, Sarenrae smiles on Trunau. It is a ray of sunlight in the dark. Each of you is a shining beacon, and just like the light of several lanterns held together, the radiance combined is greater than the sum of the individuals.

Ruby, there are many tests in life. In some, people will obviously come to your aid, like today. In others you will feel alone, but realize that there is always one who would walk with you, if you but call out to Her. Know this and have courage."


Beorht takes up his place behind Ruby. He puts his great spear down next to him. He puts one hand on the rope, and gets the other ready to bestow the Touch of Good upon her to boost her ability in this test of Strength.

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Thomlin smiles from where he stands next to Falgar, his trusty steed.


"Who am I to deny a request from such a fair maiden?"  He strokes his horse on the nose and speaks softly to it.  "I don't think it would be fair for you to take part in this little game, my friend.  Stay here."  With that, he approaches the site of the contest.


Stopping in front of Ruby, he bows formally.  "Would milady grant me the honor of bestowing upon me a token that by wearing I might display the lady's favor during this feat of strength?"

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The small girl smiles as every arrives on the stage. While she is excited, she is also scared to death with all this excitement going on. When Thomlin requests the token she says "I really don't have anything, oh wait yes. Yes I do!"


With that the girl reaches into her pocket & produces a single silver coin.


"Will this do?" She puts the item in your hand


Rodrik is about say something about the spellcasting, but Halgra intervenes. "The blessing the Dawnflower is nothing to scoff at, even at playfull event such as this.


(Worthless information time: Did you know Halgra is the mother of this interesting character? Iconic Warpriest)


With that Rodrik say "By all means then! Alas thou we are vastly outnumbered now! With your approval, Chief Defender may I call upon the crowd as the people of Trunau would when called to defend her then?"


The old leader nods her head in approval. With that the patrol leader first picks out the biggest member of his guard patrol, who steps forward (guy probably has a big of giant or ogre in his blood by the size of him... :blink: ). He then looks into the crowd & points at various people who come on the stage. A dwarf with a shaved head but with a full beard steps forward, along with male human with scars all along his arms. The crowd cheers as everyone approaches the stage. Some chanting "Ruby! Ruby" others chanting "Rodrik! Rodrik!"


Rodrik & his brother take their places in line, with Rodrik taking the lead. After them it goes the dwarf, the scarred human. The big guardsman anchors the team. Ruby takes her place on the rope in the first spot, then......... (really it doesn't matter where everyone goes)


Choose your spots & whoever has the highest initiative modifier roll INITIATIVE! Also everyone, list your STR modifier. Ruby will add -1 to your total STR mod. 


The guards team has the following:


"First round"

Initiative: 18

Total STR mod: +7


Whoever wins initiative will get a +2 STR mod for that round.

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(init 1d20+3 18+3=21 +1 strength modifier)


He would take a place behind Ruby, allowing those bigger than himself, which is pretty well everyone, to take up a better anchor position.

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Branwyn will select a spot best suited for her abilities as she would in a battlefield. Besides she is more of an archer as apposed to a frontliner with the sheer strength needed for the absolute anchor.



First Round

Initiative: 18

Str. Modifier: +1

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As Ragnar steps into place as he grabs the rope he begins a little ditty, designed to bolster the strength, constitution and will power of his team; (to Anchors Away)


Give not one foot my friends, give not one foot
On our strength we rely, So together let us all heave, heave, heave
Stronger than steel we are, we shall not quit
Victory we shall cry. And to our strength our challenger submit


Thus beginning to Inspire Rage. (Inspired Rage: Affected allies gain a +2 morale bonus to
strength and constitution, a +1 bonus to will saves, and take a -1 to ac.
While under the effects of inspired rage, allies other than the skald
cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills
(except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that
requires patience or concentration.)


(Init +3, Str +3)

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With a bemused look Kirinto slides behind the girl and Rikki.  "I've never seen one like you before, aren't you a little cold up here?"  He looks at the rope and grabs it with long spindly fingers.

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