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Pathfinder: Giantslayer AP

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"Little cold sometimes, Rikki not want to be here when snow comes, but not all bad. Is place unlike any other place, So Rikki come to see it. Now seen it, maybe not stay long. Nasty orcs easy to avoid, winter.....not so easy"

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Ok ShadowRaven  & Kangaroorex you both have +3 to your initiative, but SR has a natural STR mod so I will use that to determine the group's check.


So the group has the following


Initiative Check: 21 (beats the guards' 18)

TOTAL STR mods: +13 with the Rage song. Again beats the guards at +7


The groups stand about 30' feet apart with the center marker right in the middle. The town guard have made a chalk line where the marker sits. The party grips the rope as does the guards & citizens. A guard shouts "GOOOOOOO!!!" & everyone starts to pull! The first effort of pulling is no contest as with the additional magic of Ragnar & Beorht, the colorful marker that designates the center moves toward the party! The crowd cheers!




Party needs 10 feet to win (or 2 rounds)


ShadowRaven, again make a Initiative check! DwarvenRanger, can you maintain the song while pulling? This round Ruby will revert back to her normal -1 STR penalty without any magical aid.

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OOC, lyrics for a second round of inspiration, to Trapped Under Ice by Metallica


"Pulling, we'll give it our all
Screaming, all hear my call
We're striving to win. Cry out!
We'll win the battle"

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guards get a 7 (wahooo for online dice rollers!!) Guards get the bonus mod for this round.


Even with the surge of strength, the guards are still defeated. +9 vs +13 (forgot Ruby gets the song bonus)


The rag pulls closer to the party!


Unless the party does anything different for the next round, the results are the same as the guards can only get a total of +9 to their score. The Party WINS!!


The crowd unanomusly chants "RUBY RUBY RUBY!!"


The little girl smiles.

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Well done everyone. That was fun. And more importantly, welcome to adulthood, Ruby. (Gives everyone a round of applause).

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He drops the rope as the contest reaches it's close, and slips quickly behind the others on the team. Mouth open in his approximation of a smile, but not wanting to have any attention drawn on himself. Something he knew was probably going to happen anyway, being the only Grippli most of these folk are liable to ever see. Still, as little of it as can be, the better

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Branwyn would not change tactics for the round. So when the win happen she simply smiles and chuckles.


Her voice is very soft as a reflection of her upbringing before sh came here as a young teenager. She touches her own Hopeknife and smiles at the fond memory of her being so warmly welcomed as well. "Well done Ruby. I am sure you will do well in the years to come."


She was not one for much of the party, but enjoyed watching the celebrations even she would not partake of the party or the drink.

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Thomlin smiles at Ruby's enjoyment of her victory.  He produces the token of her favor and offers it back to her.


"Thank you for bestowing upon me your favor; it surely gave me the extra strength that allowed me to defend your honor, my little Lady."

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Kirinto smiles at the girl, raises his hand to his mouth and (with a little poetic permission from the DM allowing me to switch light for dancing lights cantrip for the day) softly blows across his hand causing four small balls of light to form and dance around each other in a dance pattern over to Ruby where they dance and Chace around her for a moment and then shoot out over the crowd where they Come together one last time and softly pop like iridescent soap bubbles.


"Please tell me how I can make your day even better!" He says with a lopsided grin.

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Ragnar laughs then wraps his little sister in a bear hug. "Told you so", he says with a wink and a smile.

Then he goes to each member of both teams in turn shaking their hand. Good naturedly needling some of his fellow members of the watch on the other team for getting beaten by a little girl.


OOC Well I'm off to have the VA remove this kidney stone.

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(Good luck & speedy recovery, DR!!)


Ruby says to Thomlin


"Please keep it, may it bring you luck in the future."


Ruby say to Kirinto


"You've made my day even better, thank you very much." 


Ruby says to Branwyn 


"I hope I can live up to even half of what my mother has done. I will be proud if I can do that."


As everyone disperses from the stage, Rodrik says to the gathered party


"You fight the good fight. Good Show. Do you have any interest in joining our militia. Trunau can always use more defenders. Thou I understand if you don't."


The evening continues with festivities, the party can do whatever they feel like doing. You can make checks to see if you learn anything about the town & such by mingling with the crowd.

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Riiki will mostly observe, listen, and generally remain unobtrusive and out of the way without actually going through the effort to sneak about.

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