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Pathfinder: Giantslayer AP

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(Shadowraven) You make it to the room no problems


The party meets in the common room in the morning. The mood is very somber thou. Allot of the people gathered have puffy red eyes & cheeks, & most are still in the state of dismay. The proprietor of the inn, a female halfling named Cham Larringfass is among the gather people, tear streaming down her cheeks. You see a familiar face from the festival last night with her, Kurst Grath. He was the younger, more quite of the two brothers. He has his arm around her shoulders try to comfort the woman.


There is a gathering outside of townsfolk, they too are in a state of dismay.

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Branwyn is cautious and very curious about what has happened that she somehow missed and approaches the crowd in he normal quiet manner. She speaks quietly "What has happened?"

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As dawn comes and goes he makes his way down to see the crowds. While not as accustomed to human ways as others, he did recognize the signs of sorrow in them. "Riiki does not know what is going on, but if there is sadness, Rikki will help to make it better if he can"

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Thomlin comes out of his room whistling a jaunty tune, heading out to feed and curry Falgar.  Seeing the faces of the townsfolk and hearing Branwyn's question, he stops mid-whistle and waits for an answer.



(edited to use the correct character name)

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Beorht finishes his dawn prayers. He heads to the common room to break his fast. Seeing the sorrowful looks of those who were just so recently partying is a shock he wasn't expecting.


"People, what evil has befallen this night? If by Sarenrae's grace I can be of assistance, I will. Is anyone injured?"

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Kurst looks at the group & says


"I recognize you from the festival. My brother, Rodrick is dead......''


The words seem to escape the young man's mouth before tears stream from his face. The halfling, Cham Larringfass speaks at this time


"It must have happened in the wee hours, maybe even right after the festival. Suicide they are saying..."


'No! I won't accept that! My brother would never take his own life, he had too much to look forward to." Kurst interrupts


"I will start my investigation later today but I'm patrol captain now & my family is in crisis now, I'm not sure I can do both right now. Especially since my brother WAS the best investigator in town & I feel like I should be more of brother to him & a son to my father in this time of need then a patrol captain."


Something makes the young man perk up a bit


"Hey since you all stepped up for little Ruby last night, can I call on you to help, actually lead the investigation?"


"I've started the investigation but I've only begun here."


(Last post till after ReaperCon is over!!) 

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The frog-like figure hopped easily up onto a stool to look the young man in the eyes as best he could. His own yellow ones full of a compassion his facial structure had no real way of showing. "Riiikki will help, yes. You deal with familly, familly is very important, They will need your time and your strength to support them, and you will need the same in return.  Rikki will help find the truth, Riiki has no one depending on him, and few needs to be met, so Riiki has all the time to make sure the truth is known."


(have fun at Reapercon)

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Beorht will also step forward. "Kurst, I am sorry for this loss you and your family must now face. Please, we would be honored to help. May we see Rodrick's body and the potential crime scene? With my knowledge of healing and herbalism, perhaps with Sarenrae's guidance I can help shed light on the circumstances of his death."

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"Gods no, not the Captain! I'm happy to help in any way I might." says Ragnar. Privately he starts thinking about what he knew of the Captain and anything he might have heard around town. (Know (local) 15+3=18)

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It would be an honor to lend any aid I can to the investigation. my skills are arcane in nature, a combination of investigative magics may provide even more information.

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Branwyn only reflects for a moment "If that is your desire than I will do work with these others to find the culprit."

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You try to recall something in regards to the late Captain. He was loved by allot of people in town. Many seen him assuming the Patrol leader spot currently occupied by his father, but he did seem to be pre-occupied with his poems & plays more these days then actual militia matters. He has written 3 plays, most were well loved by the town but there was one that was a controversial flop. This one was about a young half-orc whose orc mother's settlement was overrun by humans raiders.


You also know that had been seeing a local weaver, a female half-orc named Brinya Kelver. She lives in a boarding house, northwest of the Commons. Something that really hasn't gone over well with a few folks, (it's kinda of a secret) namely his father, Patrol Leader Jagrin Grath.


Kurst says


"Yes, you may see the body. It is being kept up at the Sanctuary until the funeral. Also you may have access to the room. I was about to question Cham Larringfass on what she found this morning, but when I seen her in the state she was, I couldn't bring myself to ask her to repeat everything she saw. I was hoping you could. I was gonna go question a couple more people as well, Brinya Kelver. She is a half-orc that Rodrick had been seeing. They were to married in a few weeks. Few people know about this. Probably the better. Some around town don't see the "hero" guard & a "orc" married as a sign of good things for Turuan. I myself had no problems with it. Love who you want, if it makes you happy. My father on the other hand was furious but he didn't let the knowledge out. I guess dad was embarrassed his son was "sleeping with the enemy" so to speak. There is also one other person. Omast Frum. He is a fellow militia man, actually he is a patrol sargent but he is a long time friend of the family & also was Rodrick's long time patrol partner. He might shed some light on what may have led up to Rodrick's su..eh Oh I won't believe it!" 


He tries to say sucide but can only say the first syllable.


"My brother would not commit suicide! He had so many things to look forward to, his upcoming marriage, a new poem he said he was writing. He loved being part of the town. He want to see the day we weren't attacked by orcs, giants, whatever lives beyond our border!" 


The young captain's voice raises to the point that the people in the commons have stopped talking & are now eyeing the man.


"I am sorry, everyone."


he says & everyone resumes what they were doing.


"Also, I'd like you to look into this".


He reaches into a jacket pocket & produces a bloody hopeknife.


"This is the weapon that my brother used. This was the only one in the room, so it must have been his. You can have it for the investigation, but I will need to back for the funeral."


"I would be in your debt if you could find out the truth here. Is there anything else you need to know?"


"If you need to get in touch with

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Maybe Riiki not talk to lady about what she saw. Some people not comfortable talking to Riiki." As if to emphasize his point he made a motion towards his very large, seemingly unblinking eyes as the clear lenses of an amphibian flashed back and forth a couple of times, and complete lack of human facial expressions

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