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Life Size Diorama of Game Room

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Thank you all,  I guess during my editing the post got posted, and now that I am finished I see that not all of the rest of my work is here.  There maybe some edits if you looked at this previously.



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I'm jealous. I would totally do something (on a smaller scale) except that my basement WILL require underpinning to get finished. Considering I spent 8 months trying to get quotes for that with a number of contractors just ignoring me, the odds of that happening are pretty minimal.

It turned out great too.  I know how satisfying it is when all that hard work is finished and you get to enjoy the results.

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You know, I have boxes full of blistered minis. Never occurred to me to throw up some racks to hang them on.


Thinking about it now, thanks!

Pegboard from your local hardware store and 4" pegboard display hooks. 

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Must have dragons out of boxes so they help dominate room!!!


Great room, your wife is a keeper!!!

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I don't see your wife in any of the pictures of the game group.  Was she taking the pictures or did she do all that work despite NOT being part of the game group?  If so, BEST WIFE EVER!!!

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    • By kristof65
      My wife graciously allowed me to redo an area in our basement that was the previous owner's pool room as a gaming/painting area.  Finally got the walls reainted from their ugly green, and my cabinets and countertop for my painting station installed.  Oh, and TV with Roku installed.  Next up is the paint rack for my extensive collection of craft paints. 
      The painting station:

      Reaper paints are in the drawer to my immediate left.

      My craft paint collection:

      A Wire mesh cube rack from Amazon that I'll be converting to a wall mounted paint rack using 3d printed parts. 

      My 3d printer churning out some of the standoffs I designed to mount the mesh:

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    • By Lidless Eye
      One benefit of our unplanned and sudden move is that we will finally have a hobby room.

      The first few displays were moved over first:

      Then came a lot more of the mess:

      Shelves have been set up, and a folding table arrived from Amazon:

      An older end table has been drafted as a paint and build station:

      Once it's finished up, I'll have to take shots of the whole set-up, but there's still a bit left to go.
    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Now that our new house is done and we are unpacking, living in it for 11 days as of the time of this posting. I wanted to go ahead and start up a WIP thread showing my hobby/game room and the WIP as the last few days I've been setting it up so that I can paint. My OCD won't allow me to actually paint (even though I have an area for it now) until I have the rest of the room cleaned up and organized!
      Let's start up with the original plans -

      And here it is after it was done, a blank slate!

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