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It looks like this and another post of mine (plus a third that I didn't finish posting) were all assigned the same post ID (or some similar identifying value) when I duplicated the new thread page last night. It looks as though everything got pretty mangled, and the only way I know of off the top of my head to fix this is to start a new post. That thread is here:



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He looks great. I love the sculpt on this figure, and you've done an admirable job of painting him and all his various accoutrements.

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Even though I didn't get to spend as much time on him as I wanted, the Friar is probably one of the better things I've painted. Even though I totally phoned it in on his shoes at 2 in the morning the morning we were leaving for Reapercon! When I went looking for the sculptor as I was posting this, I found some pre-existing paint jobs. I swear I was not trying to copy Dustin Wagster's scheme! He and Jen both blow me out of the water, anyway, but it's good to see that my color choices weren't totally crazy.


Also, I really didn't notice that his poor bald head was messing with my camera until it was too late. I did salvage a shot without front lighting though.








I'm pretty happy with how he turned out--I used him as an excuse to experiment with glazes, so all of those browns (and the green) started out the same color and I shifted them around with glazes. It mostly worked, although that short cloak thing of his had too many angles and I couldn't get the glaze not to be mottled and inconsistent.


Things I know I could improve on with him:

  • I couldn't figure out a good skin shade for him. The fair skin triad, shortcut though it may be, is waaaaay too low on contrast! I played around with some options here and nothing quite worked out.
  • I couldn't quite get that face to look right. The lips gave me trouble.
  • ...in part, because I forgot to line the eyes. Mental note for next time...
  • The green cloak, as mentioned
  • I didn't realize the spiky bit on his club was probably not supposed to be there until after I'd already painted it. Oh well!
  • I did some rudimentary wood grain on the haft of the mace but the contrast was too low.
  • I need to do a better job blending in the shades. A lot of those transitions are really abrupt.
  • I phoned it in on the shoes.
  • Base is the standard base that comes with the guy.

Other C&C welcome!


Note: this is a repost! It looks like three posts, two of which I finished writing, all ended up with the same post ID, which caused all sorts of mayhem. Attachments only worked on one of these posts at a time and it looks like all of the tags got thrown together. This should fix the problem...


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