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Pulled over from my sculpting thread. Would be in Show Off, except there are just those tiny things which still bug me.


That slight grainy texture on the face is getting really annoying, and I'm not really sure how to smooth it or fix it.


Need to shadow the cape more I think.


Sword is not as bright as I would like, but short of going out and buying a bottle of florescent paint for this alone, I think it's fine.


Huh. Reaper Alien Flesh MSP is the exact same color as ProCreate.


The patterning on the concept art... hahaha I don't think i can do much more than try and suggest it like what I've done a little bit. I already have trouble drawing it in with my micron pen.

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Red is one of those colors that will drive you banana's....

You need a good green in there to darken up the shadows,

and dilute your paint with water.  I usually have a 50/50 ratio, sometimes more.

If you build up your face with paint that is diluted in  layers, you won't get that graininess.

Coming along well !

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