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Primeval Thule 5e

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Sure, but they are no longer employed by them. This does not mean an all out approval by WotC. Nonchalantly accepting that it is without any written indication is how you get backers. If they had it, it would have been mentioned. Just don't be surprised if 2 days before it funds or during fulfillment they decide to "change" it to a more generic setting.



Yeah, I looked it over too, and briggart is right. It doesn't say it's 5E D&D specifically. I'm going to hold onto my pledge for it, I'm not worried in the least bit after doing my own due diligence on this project and seeing who they have working on it.

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Even though I've kind of backed off on kickstarters at this time, here's one worth watching:


I backed the original Primeval Thule kickstarter - very nice product, very interesting setting.


Now they're doing the setting for D&D 5th Edition.

If you're playing 5e (or any game in need of a very cool setting, for that matter), these guys are worth a look. The team is top-notch - Rich Baker is one of the most creative and talented designers I've ever met...and Steve Winter's in on this one, too.

Trust me, that's a good thing.


Just posted by R.A. Salvatore on his Facebook less than an hour ago.  That's a big endorsement....

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A couple other things. I talked to them about it in a PM.


They pointed me to their FAQ -



Q. How can you publish a 5e book?

A. We are publishing Primeval Thule Campaign Setting V under the 3rd-Edition era Open Game License. Because Thule is a setting, not a rules system, we have a comparatively light rules burden for the setting. Everything we need to do to ensure compatibility with the new edition fits comfortably within the bounds of the OGL.


We do address this in the FAQ: We'll also note that there have been previous and successful 5e kickstarters, such as 5th Edition Foes by Frog God Games, that use this same model. We are taking great care to avoid things that would be considered WotC IP.
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Funding update!




Thanks to each and every one of our first 250 or so backers, we've hit our goal in just about 36 hours. We're the 4th project listed under games sorted by popularity, and we've stayed near the top of Kicktraq's games Hot List for most of that time, even breaking in to the top 10 overall, which was pretty cool. So we must be doing something right!

But we aren't done yet! We've got stretch goals to hit! We have Winter, Schwalb, and Townshend ready to get some adventures made, and we've got more writers where that came from, too! We want to create the Thule 5e Companion—with even more cults, barbarian kings, frozen terrors, and mysterious magic—a PDF that will grow as we hit more and more stretch goals.

We'll also listen to every bit of your feedback - we are making this for you, our backers, and we want to try to give you what you want. Now, we can't promise that we will provide everything, but we'll do our best to evaluate your requests and suggestions, and see what we can fit into our growing project budget without letting scope get too out of hand. Leave feedback in our comments page, send us a Kickstarter message, or contact us on facebook if you need to get a hold of us.

Early next week, we'll have some previews ready - we are laying out a monster page spread, and we have our first stab at our new table of contents to present. We are also looking at what we need to do to get tag-less maps put in so they can be more easily used on virtual tabletops.

Keep up the great work on getting the message out. We've climbed the first step - now lets see how much further we can go!

—The Sasquatches

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I will pledge when I get back from vacation. The mechanics are really unimportant to me. A cool setting I can use is another.

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FYI, the 4e, pathfinder and 13th age version of the setting are already available online through several stores, both paper and PDF. Depending on what you are interested (paper vs. PDF, setting only or also the adventures) it may be cheaper and/or faster to get those, rather than pledge the KS. ::):

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One Week, Two Stretch Goals, and a Monster Spread

Thank you again for your support of Primeval Thule 5e! So far, with your support, we've already hit 2 stretch goals. We are now committed to creating the Thule 5e Companion - more pages of monsters, villains, cults, adventure sites, and other gamemaster goodness. The Companion will be a PDF (for now), delivered to everyone with the 5e Digital Thule bundle.

We're already in the process of working on our layout for Primeval Thule 5e, and want to take this opportunity to show some of that work in progress - the enworld.org, or reddit, or rpg.net. Spread links on twitter and facebook. You have already helped us immensely with your pledge, but all of your voices together will be louder than ours alone. 

If you need links, you can also use http://kck.st/1CLEXI0 to link to the Kickstarter page, and [redacted] to get to the DrivethruRPG page for the free download of the Primeval Thule Traveler's Guide.

Thanks again!


Edit: removed link to DrivethruRPG

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The DrivethruRPG page is a link to a store.  Might want to change it, due to forum policies.

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Update no. 5



Pre-GenCon Update!We Sasquatches are getting packed up for our journey halfway across the country to Indianapolis for GenCon! We'll still be monitoring the THULE 5e Kickstarter - in fact, it's really difficult to not check it at least every 15 minutes.

We are on the verge of hitting our 28k stretch goal, and the next stretch goal has been revealed - when we hit it, we'll be making the THULE 5e companion bigger and better. We will reveal more stretch goals, including Steve Townshend's contribution, once we get a few more details ironed out - including some key information from contacts we'll meet up with this week at the show.

If you happen to be at GenCon, come find us and say hello - we always like the chance to meet backers in person. We'll be set up at the end of the 600 row in Booth #674. We'll have our Pathfinder, 4e, and 13th Age versions of Primeval THULE available for perusing or purchase in both normal hardcover and leatherbound. Plus we'll have a limited number of Todd Lockwood prints and GM Screen packs available as well. 

We are also showing off the prototype of Ultimate Scheme, a boardgame we've been developing. Stop by our booth to play, and maybe score an invite to a Thursday evening game demo.



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