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Primeval Thule 5e

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Aug 7 2015


New Deluxe Tiers, New Add-Ons


The new reward tiers mentioned in our last update are now live, and we also have details of the add-ons for Fantasy Grounds! Plus, check out our website for more details on the contents of the deluxe pack.



On our website, we've got an outline of the GM Screen contents, and a preview of one of the Character Reference Cards that you'll find in the Deluxe Pack. Take a look to get a peek at what the Deluxe Pack will give you, or check out the image below of the business side of the screen, where you can also see the reference cards and the folded-up poster map.



THULE Deluxe Pack - Screen, reference cards, map



We've added new reward tiers for backers that want to get their own GM Screen (which also includes the reference cards and poster map of Quodeth by Chris West). The MORE DELUXE THULE tier is just like the original but limited DELUXE level, with a small increase in $ to cover our extra shipping expenses. The new DIGITAL DELUXE tier adds the deluxe pack to the PDF package, and the new PREMIUM DELUXE level is a package that includes a leatherbound book and the Deluxe Pack.


We are also including the GM Screen pack for all ARTIFICER and DUNGEONEER backers.


As the new Deluxe Packs are being printed in China, and then shipped overseas by boat, we estimate that these packs will ship a few weeks after the books ship, in late 2015. We'll have a more accurate estimate of shipping once we place the order at the close of the Kickstarter campaign.



We are excited to be partnering with Fantasy Grounds to create virtual tabletop (VTT) modules for Primeval THULE! The modules will be created with the help of the gentlemen at Smiteworks, and the proceeds from the add-ons will help offset the cost of their work to create the modules. We have two levels of Fantasy Grounds add-ons: For a $10 add-on, you can get the Fantasy Grounds module for the Primeval THULE 5e Campaign Setting book. For $25, you will get theComplete THULE Package, which includes the Campaign Setting Module, plus modules for the stretch goal adventures and the Player's and GM Companions.


For those not interested in Fantasy Grounds, or who might prefer a different VTT, we'll note that all backers with the DIGITAL THULE bundle will get untagged versions of our maps included with the PDFs (no add-on required), and you are welcome to use those in the VTT of your choice.

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enworld.org, rpg.net, /r/rpg or /r/dnd, the official 5e forums, or fantasygrounds.  Share the shortlink to the kickstarter page (where appropriate and permitted): http://kck.st/1CLEXI0 or the full link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/809579963/primeval-thule-5e

Remember we've got previews of monsters, narratives, and the GM screen up at http://www.sasquatchgamestudio.com/news/. The Primeval Thule Traveler's Guide is still available as a free download on  DrivethruRPG. 

We are pretty excited about what this campaign has been able to achieve so far, and we hope to be able to fund even more content through the kickstarter. Where will we finish? 700 backers? 800? It's too early to tell. We are bracing for a big finish early next week, as there's always a flurry of activity in the closing hours of a successful Kickstarter. 

Here's to hoping for a big finish!

-The Sasquatches

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Update #10

Stretch Goal Progress, Softcovers Soon

Passing the $38k mark has unlocked the THULE 5e Player's Companion, which gives us even more opportunity to create content, get awesome art, and expand the world of Primeval THULE with new narrative and background rules, and flesh out player options such as class builds or new spells. We've got great ideas to add to the world, and we also want to hear what you all, our backers, want to see expanded upon in these new Companion products as they keep getting bigger and better.

Softcover Add-Ons Up Next!

We've decided to move up the availability of our Softcover Stretch Goals to the $43k threshold. Once that is unlocked, we'll open up all three softcover add-ons to all backers, so anyone can get the full-color softcover for the THULE 5e GM Companion, the 5e Player's Companion, and/or the Adventure Anthology. The value of these add-ons will only grow as we get through more stretch goals in our closing days! Remember all backers with the DIGITAL THULE bundle will get PDF versions these titles.

We also moved up Steve Townshend's adventure - once we've boosted the content of the GM and Player Companion to 32+ pages each, there's an outside shot we'll hit that stretch goal, too,

Speaking of add-ons, we've also added on the opportunity to get the PDF of the Campaign Setting for other game systems at a discount. If you are interested, for a $10 add-on, we'll send you the PDF of the Setting book in your choice of 13th Age, 4e, or Pathfinder.

Thanks Again!

This wouldn't be possible without all of you! You all have done tremendous work spreading the word and offering us support with your pledges. We've endeavored to provide ways for our existing backers to pledge more support through add-ons and new reward tiers - so we won't ask you for more money, but we will encourage you to consider the value you might get out of getting a GM screen, or adding on a softcover (or two). Every bit helps us make THULE more awesome, 

One more thing -- if you'd like a behind-the-scenes look at our art process, we've posted exactly that on our website, so check it out!







Adjusted stretch goals:



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Aug 17 2015


Soft Covers Unlocked! Home Stretch!


We are in the final two days of the Kickstarter campaign, and thanks to the help of you and our growing list of backers, we're going to make even more great 5e content for Primeval Thule!

We've just unlocked more Player's Guide content, as well as the add-ons for softcover print editions of the THULE 5e GM Companion, the THULE 5e Player's Companion, and the Adventure Anthology! These are print versions of the stretch goal PDF files that appear in the DIGITAL THULE package, and these softcovers are available to anyone with a $20 pledge or more!


To Include an add-on in your pledge, use the "Manage" button next to your pledge. Then adjust the amount of your pledge by adding the number of $ required for each add-on you want to have. For example, if you want the Player's Companion softcover, then increase your pledge by $24. After the Kickstarter has funded, you'll specify your selected add-ons in the backer survey that we'll send to you.


The softcover books will ship soon after the respective PDFs are ready, and likely around the same time the hardcover Primeval THULE Campaign Setting books ship out in November.


The new add-ons are as follows:

  • $24 - THULE 5e GM Companion. More monsters, more adventure sites, more villains and cults, and whatever else we can fit in there.
  • $24 - THULE 5e Player's Companion. More character builds, narrative and background content, new domains, themed spells, and other player-focused stuff you want to see.
  • $23 - 5e Adventure Anthology. The stretch goal adventures in convenient softcover format!

Shipping to the US and UK is included in the indicated amount. Please add an additional $10 to your total to cover shipping for one or more softcovers to other countries. (That's right, just $10 more, even if you get all three!)


Keep getting the word out - the money we raise goes toward writing, designing, illustrating, and editing even more stuff for our backers!



The Sasquatches - Stephen, Rich, and Dave

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Aug 18 2015


It's the Final Countdown!


As the final hours tick away, we are getting closer and closer to the end of the campaign. You have already helped us accomplish significant success, bringing us past seven stretch goals so far, and for that you have our gratitude. 


There is still time left for more backers to jump on our bandwagon, or for you to make any last-minute adjustments to your pledge levels. Here's a quick reminder of what we've got cooking - check the main page for more details:

  • Fantasy Grounds! We've partnered with Smiteworks, and they will create Fantasy Grounds modules for the Primeval THULE Campaign Setting book and the stretch goal content. We have two add-on options to add a Fantasy Grounds package to your pledge.
  • More GM Screens! A couple weeks ago we added new DELUXE backer levels that include our GM Screen (with character reference cards and a city poster map).
  • THULE 5e Player's Companion - our stretch goals have filled this book with 24+ pages and counting of new character-focused content. The PDF is in every Digital THULE bundle, and the softcover is available as a $24 add-on.
  • THULE 5e GM Companion - Also at least 24 pages, this PDF of new monsters, adventure sites, and other DM tools is also in every Digital bundle, and likewise as a softcover add-on.
  • THULE Adventures - Backers get PDFs of the 5e conversions of our first 3 THULE adventures, plus two stretch goal adventures so far (for all backers with the Digital bundle). The stretch goal adventures are also available as a single Adventure Anthology softcover add-on.

The Companion books can still grow through any stretch goals we hit today! Spread the word, share our Facebook link or the link to the recent article on tribality.com, or even consider some of our add-ons, and we will see how far we can get this to go!


Thanks again!

The Sasquatches (Stephen, Rich, and Dave)

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Aug 24 2015


Work Underway, Bigger Anthology, and Pledge Adjustments


What's happening with Primeval THULE? Here's our update for this week!



We are already putting together the Primeval THULE Campaign Setting (PCTS) chapter updates, and getting them ready for layout. We'll be spending most of the week on getting the PTCS ready to go. We are also contacting our Artificer and Dungeoneer backers to get their respective ideas for items and dungeons to incorporate into the book.


In our process of revising the PTCS, we've discovered a couple more redundancies that we can remove, creating a couple more pages of content. For example, the 5e system already has a framework for madness rules, so we don't need to replicate it in the PTCS. With this extra space, we will be able to offer things like another monster spread or more dungeon sites.


Bigger Anthology

We want the Adventure Anthology softcover to be more than just two adventures, and we've found room in the budget to add either another short adventure or a couple of detailed, 4-page adventure sites to that softcover book, bringing it closer to 32 pages and making it a better value. The extra stuff will also be in a PDF for our digital backers, too.


Updating your Pledge

If wanted some of our add-ons (like the softcover Adventure Anthology), but didn't get them during the Kickstarter, or if you missed the kickstarter and want to join our 870+ backers, we are taking additional pledges for a short time on our website. From our THULE 5e Crowdfunding page, you can create a new pledge, or select any add-ons you might now want, including the GM Screen package or the softcover print editions of the Player's Companion, GM Companion, or the Adventure Anthology


If you want to increase your pledge to a new level, send us a message through Kickstarter, and we'll work that out. 

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Sep 1 2015


End of August Update; Surveys Incoming


We've already found ourselves in September! This week's updates will cover surveys, the status of the THULE book, and our initial expectations for delivery:



In the coming days, we will be sending out Surveys through Kickstarter to all of our backers. The survey will ask for an email address we can use to provide your digital rewards, and a physical address where you will receive your books when they ship later this year. The survey will also ask whether or not you pledged extra for add-ons, and which add-ons you are selecting. 


These surveys are the only way we'll know how to get you all of your rewards, so please fill them out and respond as soon as you can.



The Primeval THULE 5e Campaign Setting Book is getting closer! Right now, it is in varying stages of layout and review. We have Chapters One (Intro), Two (Heroes), Three (Atlas), and Four (Campaign) already through the first round of layout, and we can now look at page fit and see if there are places we need to shore up the content. Chapter Five, with the details of Quodeth and three included adventures, is now in layout, along with the Magic and Spells Chapter Seven, and they will be followed by the monsters of Chapter Six.


We do have some content yet to add to the book. We are working with our Artificer and Dungeoneer backers to get items and adventure sites to add (we are saving space in the layout process, so we can add these directly to the PDF when the design is complete). We are also creating new creatures to fill space, with an eye toward Mythos-inspired monsters.


Work has already begun on our stretch goal content, and we even have a first draft from Schwalb for his adventure. That said, our primary focus is to finalize all of the Campaign Setting (and get the administrative kickstarter tasks like surveys out of the way), so that us three Sasquatches can move on to putting the Companion content together and adapting the Viondor, Yellow Moon, and Seraglio adventures to 5e.


Delivery Expectations

We are close to having all of the parts of the Campaign Setting book reassembled for its 5th edition iteration. Once we've approved the PDF, it's a relatively quick process to export a proper PDF that's optimized for digital downloads. We'll set it up at DrivethruRPG, and if all of our surveys have been returned, we can send download links to all digital backers right away. We'll also export a print-ready version of the files, and start the printing process through our domestic printer, which will then give us a timeline for delivery of the books to us, and then on to you. We still estimate an early November timeline for shipment, and will communicate if that changes.


As work continues, we will get a clearer picture of when the adventures and stretch goal content will become available. Look to next week's update for a roadmap of our stretch goal work.

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Sep 17 2015


Mid-September Status - almost there!


Just a quick update to let everyone know where we are at!


5e Campaign Setting in Final Stages!

Today, we got our first look at a complete 5e THULE PDF, with all the new content updated and put into place. There are a couple of places where we need to make minor adjustments now that we can see what the page spreads look like. We're poring over our PDF, looking for gremlins and bugbears (I'm told that's a technical term). After these final adjustments, we'll be ready to go through the preflight steps to get a PDF ready for delivery (to backers, and to our printer). At this stage, we are only days away!


One of the last things we'll be adding is the list of backers - so if you are one of the handful of backers who have yet to send a survey, please do so soon if you want your name (or a name of your choosing) in the book!



Thanks to all of you for sending in your surveys promptly - we've got 98% of the surveys in, and now we have giant piles of data to contend with! If you've not sent yours in, please do so as soon as you can manage!


Slacker Backers for a couple more weeks

Through our "slacker backer" page (also the page where you can add more add-ons to your existing pledge), we've been able to accumulate additional funding that clearly puts us over the 53k stretch goal to ensure that the Player Companion will get at least 32 pages. We'll be leaving the page up for another week or two, so there is still a bit of time for those that missed the kickstarter when it was running. 


Next Steps

We'll be busy the next few days with finalizing the Campaign Setting, but after that is put to bed, we'll get right to work on the Companion books along with editing the new adventures from Schwalb and Winter. We'll have more information on the upcoming stretch goal content in the next week or so.


Thanks again for backing us - we think you'll enjoy what we've done for you!

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Update #17

PDFs going out!

Exciting update this week, as digital deliveries begin and the printer gets fired up. Plus some details on the stretch goal content.

5e THULE ready to ship (digitally)!

We are ready to release the Primeval THULE 5e Campaign Setting PDF to backers! We are sending out download codes to all backers that pledged for the Digital Thule bundle. This includes all backers at the Digital Thule, Book+Digital level, Deluxe, and Premium levels. We are using DriveThruRPG to fulfill digital rewards. The download code/link emailed to you from DriveThruRPG will take you to DTRPG and add the title to your shopping cart with the price set to zero. Simply check out to get your title.

The Digital Bundle currently includes just the Campaign Setting PDF. As the stretch goals are completed, we will add the files to the bundle and they will become available for download. If you haven't seen the code yet, check your spam filters, and send us a kickstarter message if you don't see it within a day or so, and we can resend you your download link.

Stretch Goal Content Underway

With the 5e update of the campaign setting out of the way, we can turn our attention fully to finishing the stretch goal content. Robert J Schwalb and Steve Winter have already been working on their respective adventures, and we are enlisting the aid of Steven Townshend to provide some content for the GM Companion. We've got exciting new content planned in the GM Companion, including two new nefarious organizations, a new Great Old One, a campaign arc, monsters, adventure sites, and some optional rules for GMs to add to their THULE campaigns. 

Slacker Backer Page Coming Down Soon

We'll be pulling down the post-kickstarter page from our website shortly, as we need to finalize the lists for fulfillment. You've got a day or two before it's gone, if you've got any last minute add-ons you want to grab!

Printer Getting Ready

With files ready to go, we've got our printer warming up. We'll have a firm timeline in the coming days once the printer lets us know where our run fits into their print schedule. 

That's all for now - more detailed outlines of the Companion books will be forthcoming, and we'll nail down our delivery dates for physical product. Plus we have to record a video of Sasquatch yelling out a bunch of random stuff!

Carry on!

-The Sasquatches: Stephen, David, and Richard


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Nov 4 2015


First Batch of Screens Shipped, Early November Update


Whats new in Thule this November? Well, the status of the book hasn't changed - it's in the capable hands of our printer. We've also made progress on our stretch goals and even put some stuff in the mail recently.


GM Screens to Early Backers

We have sent out the GM Screen pack to the 75 backers in the original $90 DELUXE THULE tier. They went out on 10/30, and domestic deliveries should be arriving this week or next, while international deliveries might take an additional week. Please let us know if you have any issues with your package.


The rest of the screens (for More Deluxe backers and slacker backers) will ship after they arrive from our overseas printer. We'll provide more accurate updates on those as we get information from the printer and carrier.


Stretch Goal Content

The first two adventures, Watchers of Meng and Red Chains are in layout, though art and maps for the two might make it another week before they are ready. The GM Companion is also through editing and into the typesetting stage, while work progresses on the Player's Companion.


Once again, as the PDFs are complete, we'll add them to the 5e digital bundle and they'll become available for download. We'll then begin the process of setting them up for printing the soft covers of the two Companions and the Adventure Anthology.


The Fantasy Grounds integration is also underway - we don't have any hard dates to share this week, but we're digging for some info.


Contacting Us

If you need to contact us, please send us a message through Kickstarter -- sending through Kickstarter helps us because it associates your message with your backer name and information, making it simple to resolve issues. To send a message through Kickstarter, you can use the Contact Me button that you'll find if you click on the Sasquatch under the "created by" section near the top of the Kickstarter page. 

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Dec 1 2015


December already!


We're back after a few days of family and feasting for Thanksgiving, as the calendar has suddenly shifted into December! A bunch of things are happening over the next week or two, and we're pretty excited. So here's where things stand right now:



Our printer is finishing up binding and packing our books early this week, and within a day or two they'll be on a truck bound for our distribution warehouse. We're partnering with Ship Naked to get our books out to backers, and they'll need a few days to get individual books packed up and ready to ship, but we expect actual shipments to begin soon.


We are also working with a bindery in Oregon to finish the premium leatherbound books. They received "book blocks", essentially the unbound pages of the book, a couple weeks ago, and are busy finishing up the binding and covering process. When they are complete, they'll be sent here to our "warehouse" (it looks a lot like Steve's garage), and we'll pack them up and ship them out from here, likely also around mid-December.


Stretch Goals

The art has arrived for the Watchers of Meng and Red Chains adventures, so we'll be ready to post those by the end of the week. They'll be added to the Digital Bundle, and an email will be sent out from Drivethru letting you know that new files are ready for download. The GM Companion will also be ready and available at the same time. The Player's Companion is still in progress, and we've also got some art left to commission.


GM Screens

Our next batch of GM Screens is now on its way from China. We don't have a specific ETA, since that will depend on how long it takes the boat to get here and the boxes to get through Customs. It could be by the end of the year, but is more likely going to be some time in January.


Fantasy Grounds

Our friends at SmiteWorks are still finishing up the Campaign Setting module for Fantasy Grounds. We've got some screen shots up in a gallery on our website, if you'd like to take a look: sasquatchgamestudio.com/fantasy-grounds-progress/


Other Stuff

We've got a bit of work left on converting our older adventures to 5e. Each softcover book needs a short time to re-process the PDF to make it print-ready, then we will order a proof copy. Once the proof arrives and we approve it we'll be able to get the presses rolling to print and send out the softcovers. We are still evaluating if we'll be able to send all three softcovers out at once, or if they'll go individually.



One of our backers has set up a forum for discussion of Primeval Thule. Head over there if you'd like to check it out: http://mythopoeiathule.freeforums.net/ We aren't directly affiliated with the site, but we encourage everyone to help establish a thriving community.


We're excited to finally see our books, and get more content into your hands!

-The Sasquatches

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