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Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

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45 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

Not trying to get anyone mad or anything especially since I am not invested in this KS but it seems like everyone is worked up to just open their box of minis and stick it on the shelf.


Is anyone truly waiting for their new Bones to start painting?


I really want to be on the next KS but not sure I have the patience.  I get antsy when I have to wait more than a week for something off the Bay of E.

Well, I am - I have NPCs based on several of the minis that I am waiting on. (Heck, I could really use the fire giant jailer next week.)


So, I am gonna guess that, yeah, I am not the only one.


For me, Bones are the figures that I am most likely to use, rather than just paint up because it looks cool.


The Auld Grump

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18 minutes ago, Canadutchian said:

Mayne this will placate some of you:


i am a wave 1 backer from Canada and just received a notice from UPS. In short, Reaper has passed on my information to UPS and this might mean a handful of things:


1) Reaper is just printing the shipping labels, but not shipping mine yet

2) Reaper is already working on wave 1 fulfillments and is shipping mine

3) Something went horribly wrong and I can't fathom what


Take it as you want. But at the very least my shipping labels are now ready. You don't do that unless you're close to shipping. 

That is also part of the problem. North America was supposed to ship at the same time. We were supposed to get notice when shipping started. Well Canada backers are getting shipping notices. As far as wave 4 that's been reported. 


So. No US backer has gotten notice which looks like canada is shipping seperate from US contrary to shipping update. 


Also no no update has been given that wave 3 has started. Despite wide spread speculation based on the facts that there has been no notice and Canadian backers have gotten shipping emails, there has not been any word from reaper. So unfortunately you as z Canadian backer getting shipping info will probably not do much to placate. 

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10 minutes ago, Bane Of Humanity said:

The only question remain is.  Are they in Canada now?  Or are they still in the US...

My Nephew and I discussed this at length last night as he works for UPS.


They are in the US still. The email I received said so: " An additional ship notification with a scheduled delivery date will be sent when your shipment is received by the destination country. "

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As someone who has backed both of EFS Studio's kickstarters, Shadows of Brimstone and a host of projects that failed to deliver at all, I'm really not seeing anything here to complain about.




I do disapprove of the fact that a bunch of ragamuffin colonials may be receiving their bits of plastic before I do. There is a generally accepted order to the universe, an acceptance of how things work and America First is ultimately just not cricket. Rule Britannia

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I thought you liked Hollyhocks!


Anyway....grrrr Reaper, not communicating, plastic, grrrr etc

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10 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

Beagle backed Bones III? Ok, that explains everything ... ;)



infamy, infamy they've all got it infamy

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Got my shipping notice; not happy it's UPS, I'd prefer USPS or fedex for being (Almost certainly) cheaper once you factor in duty. I'll survive, though.


wonder if we should start a new thread for 'got my notice' bragging


EDIT ; I'm canadian. re-edit - I'm wave one.

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8 minutes ago, Club said:

Got my shipping notice; not happy it's UPS, I'd prefer USPS or fedex for being (Almost certainly) cheaper once you factor in duty. I'll survive, though.


wonder if we should start a new thread for 'got my notice' bragging

Are you also Canadian or US?

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I may be wrong but in past KS it was mentioned that they had to fill a truck to ship things? I'm guessing if they want to send Canadian packages to Canada they have to fill them all up and send them together, then they get distributed by the shipper? 

I may be wrong but it may not work to send 5 Canada packages then 5 US then back to Canada. 

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8 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Would you have them all painted by then??  It's only 34 lbs, that shouldn't take too long.....


I don't know if I can get them all painted by then, but my 6 year old daughter would love to help out.  They may all end up with cutie marks and/or pretty pink hair, though.


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