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77372 Burrowing Horror

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Weirdly, I rather like your use of purple. Most bulettes I have seen tend to follow either the first edition Monster Manual's color scheme, or the WOTC prepaints color scheme. YOURS, on the other hand, is more earthtoned, and kinda... realistic, for a big burrowing critter. Nice highlighting. Now I wanna get mine out... 

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I like him!  If you feel like the purple scales are too much, I'd maybe suggest giving the plates and scales a light wash with another color to tie them together a bit (dark green? burgundy?).  Or bring some of the plate colors down to wash the scales with, and leave the plates as is, since those do look quite finished and nice.


But I do think he looks pretty cool as-is.  Purple people-eater!

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I like it. I could see a wash of the scales to make the tone different than the claws, but it looks fine as is. I just prepped mine this weekend and this is another cool scheme to consider.

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Excellent work great color choice

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hmm basing.. he fits on a 3" base, mostly. 


any suggestions on this guy? 

I'd say it looks too small for a 3" round base, I plan to put mine on a 1.5" x 3" Pill base. Maybe elevated slightly on a stone. If you have any vehicles from the Mechwarrior Clix, they are that 1.5"x3" size.


Maybe make the under the main fin area meat coloured since thats a mythical weak spot for them. I think metallic highlights would look cool on back plates and leg scales.

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I agree, I really like the dull purple color and I do like the fact his claws are pretty much the same color but well highlighted. All this against the contrast of his very white smile.....

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