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Minis we would like to see

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On 4/16/2017 at 2:03 PM, Pingo said:

I wouldn't mind seeing cute orcs of both genders, like those found in the art of some more modern games.  But that's not what I was asking for.


What I object to is the depiction of female orcs as a simple binary: either sexpots or grotesque jokes, and if you object to the grotesque joke it is assumed you want the sexpot and vice versa.


Female orcs ought to be capable of being depicted -- as male orcs generally are -- as capable, dangerous, scary tough warriors.  Serious opponents, in other words.



My all time favorite female orc is the one from the Sensible Shoes Kickstarter - swaggering, axe on shoulder - large and in charge. I love that figure.


Reaper also has a female orc pirate that is pretty good.


But, at heart, I think that female orcs should be neither sexpots nor grotesques - I want to see some that look like female body builders - warriors, and just as hard as their male counterparts.


Though... I am reminded of a She Hulk cover, with She Hulk in a bikini, painted by Julie Bell - and the complaint someone gave that no one could be built like that... only to find out that Julie Bell had used a photograph of herself as the model, and, yes, she is built like that. (Her husband, Boris Vallejo, is just as bad... dammit! fantasy artists are supposed to be skinny dweebs! They should not look like barbarians from the cover of Conan! ::D: )


I would love to see more more defined female orcs as well. (I would link to a certain Elfwood image... but Elfwood seems to have gone away. ::(: )


The Auld Grump

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