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From Sea to Shore (level 6 Pathfinder)

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Ok the 1st falls on a Tuesday next week so let's start this one either Weds (2nd) or Friday (4th). At least I'll have the placeholder post in place by then. Any probs with start date?


We still need to figure out magic items & such for your level.

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That should work for me. Haldir, were you able to access the files that I linked to you?

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I will be avaliable to start on the 2nd, but I leave on a fishing trip on the 3rd. I will have internet, and of course my character sheet on hero lab, but my posting might be a touch erratic, and subject to weather.

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That should work for me. Haldir, were you able to access the files that I linked to you?


Yup, you're good!


Ok as far as magic items. Is there anything you guys want that is appropriate for your level? (No vorpal sword +5......)


I figure everyone should have a +1 weapon (fighters & fighter-like classes like ranger get 2) & +1 armor. Thou full plate is off limit. Masterwork yes.


Choose up to 5 potions or elixirs 


Body items:

Cloaks choose a +1 (whatever) or Elven Cloak

Choose 2 misc like amulets or belts of appropriate level



Choose 2 (appropriate for level)


Masterwork items: Thieves can have masterwork tools, Weapons not magical can be masterwork if you'd like


Again, I'll have final say but feel free to choose what you'd like you character to have.

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Let me check on all of those when I get home from work this morning. It's a short night so I should be awake for a couple hours.


Also Marvin, you still aiming to play?

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would you consider goggles of night as level appropriate? 


I have no problem with this one. Just take it as one of your body items.



I think I want a +1 cold Trident, with mist mail, Could I have A cloak of displacement?, Belt of Mighty Constitution +4,Strand of Prayer Beads-SMiting and Karma.


Trident. Yah, sure no prob on this one.


Clk of D. Minor yes, Major no


Belt. Sure


Prayer Beads. Sure.

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I's still aiming to join, but I've got life 'n' work up 'n' upon me all of a sudden, of course, so if you want 'r need to replace 'r drop me, please do. Sorries. I'mma try to get 'im together toward the end of the weekend. Half-orc Barbarian.

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