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For the dwarfs, I highly recommend getting some Brock - quite possibly the single most effective unit in our shared dwarf armies.


Barring that - a stone priest with either a unit of Earth Elementals or a Greater Earth Elemental can be very effective - do not disregard the ability of Surge to create a very fast shambling unit....


Either is good for grabbing or contesting an objective.


The Auld Grump

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We tried the tournament rules for the first time - Megan proxying her Hers Abyssal army, while I played my His Abyssal army (which will be finished when we get the Demon Rulers from Bones IV).


Hers was a fast moving hammer army - succubi, flamebearers, gargoyles, and cavalry, with an efreet and Abyssal Temptress for heroes.


His was more of an anvil army - Lower Abyssals, flamebearers, Molochs, and Chroneas, with efreets and an Abyssal Lord for heroes.


She... squished me, in round four. :zombie:


For the first time, a spell other than Surge or Bane Chant changed the course of the battle - starting with Soul Drain doing some minor damage, but healing one of her succubi units, followed by Blood Boil absolutely destroying the Horde of Lower Abyssals that made up the heart of my army - it had taken a lot of damage from her succubi units - but taking about half that damage again did it in.


Blood Boil is not just a support spell, it can be a game changer.


Then we tried out the summer campaign pack - the campaign that will be changing the map.


Some entertaining ways of working around there being a lot more Evil armies in the game than Good armies - Neutral armies will be counted as Good for victories, as will the Varangur - who are utterly, utterly Evil - but hate the Forces of the Abyss. (This is actually in their fluff, not just added for the campaign).


Undead count as Evil - but then there is Jarvis... whose shambling undead legions are running around doing good deeds and rescuing kittens out of trees. Sadly, he cannot ally with any other Good army, because, well... they don't exactly trust the undead, eh?


Sadly, the heroes and units added for the summer campaign are only for the summer campaign - I would love to have Jarvis as my permanent leader in my undead horde.


That game I won handily - I do better with a hammer than an anvil, and with enough Surge, undead can be a very effective hammer.


The Auld Grump

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Best games in a while.


The changes made magic more expensive, but a lot more worth taking.


I was NOT expecting to do fifteen points of damage with that spell! Six or seven was all I was hoping for, instead... SPLAT! And his big unit exploded into a red mist! Leaving a great big hole in the middle of his army, allowing me to flank two more units!


Soul Drain was also good, it meant that my succubus unit hung around until the battle was over. I will take Healing plus Dealing Damage over just healing, every time!


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Higher cost, shorter range, but nicely powerful.


Yeah - I think they are worthwhile options.


But, dang! If I had realized how nasty those spells were, I would have used the Temptress as a missile sponge.... I... kinda ignored her until she was close enough to totally obliterate that unit....


Even with the new spells, magic in KoW is pretty much a support role - if the Lower Abyssals hadn't already taken so much damage, the Blood Boil would have been nowhere near as effective... (The number of dice rolled to hit are equal to the amount of damage the target has already taken, with Piercing (1)... ow....)


The Auld Grump

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Using the Clash of Kings pack - We are starting a New Army Escalation League campaign in our group next month. Twelve players.


People are being encouraged to start a brand new army - building and painting it as the campaign progresses. It doesn't have to be bought for the League - if folks already have an army that has not been assembled and painted, gathering dust in the Drawer of Shame, this is a chance to blow the dust off, and lose some of that shame.


Starting with a whopping 500 points and going up 250 points each month - going from 500 to 2000.


Each player will be in two games each week - one normal, the other doubles.


The scenarios are being written on index cards - and removed as each one happens, so everybody is going to eventually play in every scenario.


Victory points as follows -

Show Up To Play - Win, Lose, or Draw, everybody gets at least one VP, just for showing up.

Win 3 VP.

Draw 2 VP

Lose 1 VP


The following only happen once a month -

Full Army Assembled 1 VP

Full Army Painted 1 VP

Full Army Based 1 VP


And, once only -

Starting a new army, instead of playing an old one 5 VP.


Everybody is chipping in $20 - giving us a $240 pot for prizes

$120 - 1st. Enough to pay for the army, depending on how much you spent on it.

$80 2nd.

$40 - 3rd.


Draws are divided among the winners - I honestly expect the $120 to be split.


I am blowing the dust off of the Orc army I bought for Megan, way back when. (Orcs never clicked with her - she went for Goblins instead.)


Megan has not yet decided - could be Nature, could be Herd, could be Elves.


The Auld Grump - lots of overlap between the three....

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Wow, 500 points does not give you a lot to play with - I have one unit of Axes, one unit of Moraxes, and a leader on a pig....


Megan has a unit of Centaurs with lances, a unit of Centaurs with bows, and a unit of elementals - and no leader.


Pretty sure her army is gonna stomp mine, unless I can get a charge in early - which is not that likely - she has more mobility. (Forces of Nature gets Pathfinder as their army special - and she has cavalry.)


The Auld Grump

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First results - The Auld Grump vs. Pagan Megan -

Win - The Auld Grump.


A slaughter, but one that came down to only a few die rolls. She got the charges in, but did not manage to either Waver or Route either unit - and the resulting Counter Charge from the Moreax and Axe combined with the charge from the Orc Krudger turned it around the next turn.


If either unit had been Wavered or Routed then it would have been very different, but the Dice Gods were not with her.


Jon vs. Julie - Jon had a character and two units of cavalry. Julie had one unit of Scarecrows and another of Doppelgangers, no heroes.


Win - Julie. Julie's Night Stalkers were bolstered by the Inspire from Jon's Brotherhood. (Night Stalkers have a weird morale rule - rather than having inspirational units of their own, they use that of their opponent.)


Doubles - The Auld Grump and Julie vs. Jon and Megan

Win - The Auld Grump and Julie

Close, but my Orcs saw of both of Jon's Brotherhood cavalry, claiming two objectives out of five, while Julie routed one of Megan's centaurs claiming a third and contested the remaining objectives for a 3-0 win. 


Jon was Hindered by a woods when he charged with his knights on my Orcs, so did nowhere near enough damage, while his other unit of knights just did not quite make it, and got charged by the Axe and the Krudger. (Ironically, the unit that did not have range was the one that had Pathfinder....)


Julie vs. Megan was more interesting - since Megan didn't have any Inspire for Julie to steal.


It came down to where the units ended up - if Megan had just a bit of Surge, then her Elementals could have been a lot more useful, instead they loitered at the rear, and maneuvering around a woods meant that when the battle ended, they still had not reached combat. (Megan forgot that her entire army has Pathfinder - and could have just stomped through the woods. If she had been charging me, then I probably would have reminded her - but Julie is a bit more of a stickler.)


Next game, Megan is adding a Druid and some chaff to her army.


Jon is adding some Villaines,


Julie is adding some horror - she needs something hard hitting, as it was, her Doppelgangers vs. Megan's meant that neither had a lot of killing power - the charge was the only real killing round..


And I am adding some cavalry - either chariots or straight up cavalry.


The Auld Grump - four others need to finish this round before we go on to the next - so it may be a week or so.


*EDIT* Jon's Brotherhood are Good - so cannot ally with Julie's Night Stalkers, who are Evil. Megan's army is Neutral, while mine is Evil - I am painting the orcs with a grey skin tone, so that I can use the figures for Pathfinder Hobgoblins.

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