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Table covered with the new Mondo Mat, and the shelves re-arranged...


post-14271-0-73794000-1453939499_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-85905000-1453939500_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-04773200-1453939502_thumb.jpg


Pathfinder Saturday, so the test will be coming....



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Thank you!


I am sure it will soon be covered with smashed Cheetos floating in puddles of Mountain Dew....


As long as the players keep the minis clean....



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Oh man, shelves for RPG source books under the table? That's genius!


That's really an awesome gaming space. You got a lucky party.

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 I'm debating making a new table, but was thinking of using pre-built cabinetry for kitchens. Would be more expensive, but then I can have doors and drawers without the hassle of making them. That and they are made to have a surface screwed to the top from underneath.

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There wouldn't be enough space to move it around anyway.  That and I'll need to shim one side of it due to the slope of the floor.

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      tomorrow I'll cut and stain the framing and legs and possible the surround... either way.. see ya later...
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